You unfollowed me? Facebook?! WTF…You have questions, I have answers

If you follow me on Twitter then you might be wondering what the hell is going on and or why I unfollowed you and why I am creating a Facebook page (what?!) after all this time. Allow me to explain.

This is me hitting the reset button yet again. I know, I know…bear with me. Every now and again I have to reexamine what I’m doing and what is working and what is not. This is, after all, a business and I’m pretty terrible at the business part. For some time now I’ve felt like being on social media is akin to spinning my wheels and going backwards, and if you’ve been with me a while then you already know that I’ve scaled back on it heavily the last couple of years. Put simply, it’s just not fun any more and I’m not using it the way I think I should be!

When I first started doing this, it was new and fun! It also required little effort. I was clueless. These days, as a publishing business, you’re required to make your social media a full-time job in order to be a “success.” I don’t have that kind of time nor the desire to do that. This is all done in my spare time. That said, I need to treat things more professionally and that requires me to disconnect on a personal level and focus on the business.

In order to help achieve this, I severed ties with all personal accounts, which I realize sounds extreme, but I believe it’s necessary to move forward as a business, and that’s my goal here. I am no longer emotionally invested in Twitter. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the years but it’s time I pull the plug on the water cooler chat and focus more on the business side.

Many people will tell you this is a bad idea and possibly “social media suicide,” and maybe it is, but I believe in evolution and trying out new things. I’m still here. I also believe that I did this whole social media thing backwards and should have started off as a business to begin with. D’oh! Better late than never.

For example, one my favorite record companies (and I’m taking cues from them here) has a strong social media presence on various mediums and they keep it strictly business, which I admire greatly. They’re an amazing company and I’d love to emulate that. They have bloomed. I am no longer blooming and I want to change that. I think I can. I believe the key to that is change. I’ve often made the mistake of making things personal. No more.

And maybe I’m wrong but we’ll see. Time will tell. So, to put it in other words, it’s not you it’s me. Ok, ok…it’s a few of you but still. This is something I need to take more seriously if I want to continue. I’m coming up on my 10-year anniversary as a business and it’s time to take things in a new and better direction that will hopefully allow the business to grow. With the amount of success some of my books have seen over the years, BSP should be bigger.

BSP social media will be strictly for business and book related stuff now – it should have been this way all along. I hope that you do not take this personally. It’s not intended that way, but if you choose to unfollow me I understand, but I need to do what I need to do in order to grow. It’s not personal, it’s business and I’m asking you, as a fan of what I do, to understand that.

Here’s bombshell number 2: Part of this strategy is also admitting that I was maybe too hasty in obliterating my Facebook account. I can hear you laughing (Hi, Frank!) but in order to be more of a professional business and less of a personal misfit, I am creating a Facebook business page for BSP. You can find it here. Please like it if you support what I do and help me make it grow!

Understand: I do NOT want a personal Facebook page, which is why I created a business one! Much of this goes against what I’ve said in the past and some of it reinforces it, but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from and my need to push forward.

I will have more news soon on the two new books I am releasing as well as details on the literary journal coming out next year, so stay tuned. I appreciate the support and want to stress that this is a difficult decision for me but ultimately the correct one moving forward.

If you’re still with me, please go and like my Facebook page and help me spread the word. As always, thanks for your support and your patience. I look forward to creating more books for your reading please and taking BSP to the next level.


  • Steve Alvarez Reply

    Dayum, you picked a hell of a time to come back. It’s a firestorm out there right now. welcome back though my brother.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      Thanks, man! I’m coking back strictly as a business page so I’m aiming to avoid all the drama!

  • nezua Reply

    I don’t think it’s the wrong move at all, but a smart move. I’ve seen you frustrated on Twitter for a good while and I knew you were in transition. I’m personally glad to see this. I know it will do a lot for both your business and peace of mind.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      Thank you, bro. I really appreciate that! I hope so – definitely on the peace of mind.

      • nezua Reply

        Absolutely. I recognize that period of agitation so well. It’s when we get momentarily ‘stuck’; the strain before we bust out of a chrysalis. I can already hear the wind in your words, lifting.

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