What ever happened to Sarlos Cantana?

Thanks Tide and NCLR…

If you’re wondering what ever happened to gonzo Xicano author, Sarlos Cantana, he’s been busy writing and wandering the mountains of Xiapas pondering The Twilight Zone. However, after much deliberation, Sarlos penned an essay here detailing his thoughts about social media and his forthcoming book. He also has an op-ed that may be published by an alt-weekly. If not, look for it here.

Most recently, Sarlos penned a scathing op-ed for Notes from Aztlan about racist restaurant chain, Illegal Pete’s, and the “power” of Tide Vs. racism in the social media era. You can read it here.

Feel free to share that article, I know Sarlos appreciates it. And look for Sarlos’ new book in 2016.


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