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Welcome to Broken Sword Publications. We value your company and your business! Please feel free to check out our available titles and find something that suits your independent taste. We publish and sell books that you will not find at most brick and mortar bookstores!

People have talked a lot lately about the need for diverse books. There’s even a hashtag on social media – #WeNeedDiverseBooks and many people have screamed to the sky that about the need for more diversity in literature.

Now, while I tend to agree, what’s most irritating is that, for whatever reason, people have a difficult time of supporting the diverse books we have! Why is that ?

Broken Sword Publications publishes non-mainstream and diverse books. We always have and we always will. It’s part of who BSP is. This publishing house was created in order to give a voice to the voiceless and fight back against the publishing giants.

We’re still here! And we need your support. So please, let’s support the diverse books that we already have while still fighting for more visibility.

YOU drive the book market. Together we can make a difference!

Please feel free to browse our titles and support independent and diverse books today. 

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