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Here, faithful reader, are some recent articles and newsworthy items that you may have missed this week. Sometimes I write stuff that is not exactly BSP-related but still like to get the word out about. I realize that people are not connected 24/7 so some of you may have missed some of this stuff – that’s where this update comes in. I prefer this rather than spamming people ad nauseum.

Note: Some of the articles/essays/rants that I share on here will be featured in a future book by me so consider this a sneak preview. Enjoy and thanks for supporting BSP.

  • There is still time to submit your work for consideration for the upcoming book, Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul. Submissions have picked up but make sure that you make an effort to get your short stories, poems, prose and essays in this book – it’s going to be an amazing book! Full details here!
  • I implemented a new comment system here on the site. I apologize if your comment didn’t show up or I didn’t respond in a timely matter before but I had to fix the comment system. Before I got hacked, I used Disqus for comments and it worked very well. I have installed Disqus once again so you can comment from various platforms now (Twitter, Google, FB). Give it a shot and leave me a comment below!
  • Ducktown is nearly done. Josh Divine and I are putting the finishing touches on this masterpiece of dark humor and duck malfeasance.
  • If you haven’t listened to it, I made my return to podcasting with a bang (and a new mic). You can listen to The Broken Podcast, Episode No. 8 here. Don’t forget to leave me feedback!
  • I penned a story on Pocho Dot Com about Sheriff Joe Arpaio selling his sex sling on eBay.
  • I waxed poetic about being a latchkey kid and what it was like answering the knock of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s called Latchkey Kids and Jehovah’s Amazing Technicolor Chicken Wing Park.
  • I wrote an article about the drug war and the insanity that surrounds it. Watching an episode of Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man prompted me to write this essay called: Why do You Think They Call it Dope? Because We’re Stupid Enough to Believe it.
  • Finally, I wrote a rant that goes after the parasites I sometimes find on this road. After reading it, it sounds rather pompous but it’s honest. It’s called Latino Parasites.

Again, thanks for supporting BSP and indie publishing. There are many great things to come. Stay tuned!

– S|J|R


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