This is the end


Effective immediately, I have removed my Instagram account. I am, in a word, done. This feeling has been growing for some time and I am so over social media as a whole – now more than ever. So, I no longer have any social media. I am officially anti-social. Surprise, surprise to any who know me. 

If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past 10 years then you know how I feel about social media; it’s poison. Instagram was the last straw. I tried for a long time to ignore that they were owned by Facebook but I can ignore that no longer. This is the end of the road for me as far as social media goes. 

I am of the opinion that social media is what is wrong with society. It has ruined society. It has turned us all against one another and distracted us from what’s important in life. It will continue to poison and rot everything to the core as long as we allow it to and I see no end to that in sight. I no longer want to participate in that. 

I’m grateful I was alive and able to experience life before the internet existed. We had no idea how great life was then. I wish more people took the initiative to walk away from social media but I realize that I am alone on that path. So be it. Social media is poison for the mind and soul. 

Rest assured, BSP is not done. I am not done. I will continue, just without any social media. Any future communication from me will be here. If you want to get ahold me, you should know how by now. Otherwise I’m going to focus on writing books. 

Fuck social media.  


2 thoughts on “This is the end

  1. I am pleased for you that you are back to the things that bring you joy. And that includes your writing.
    I’m almost certain that leaving the social media circus will energize you and give you the space to flourish in what you love.
    I can’t wait to read about it 🙂

  2. Some of us may be making the same decisions, gracias for taking the leap. I’ve gotten off Twitter, never been on Facebook, and am close to doing the same with Instagram. I’ve slowly stayed away from it which lead me to reading more. So, as Elsa’s comment says, “I can’t wait to read about it” myself. Much love and respect from Austin (which is also becoming lame, lol!). Keep on keeping on…\m/

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