They Live (2018)

I originally wrote this piece on Instagram Stories in several parts and intended to repost them here as a photo collage. But then it dawned on me to collect them into a video. I used the audio from the film for effect. This is the result. I like it. To me it says: *2018.  The asterisk is there because I expect this trend to continue.

The fact that YouTube claimed copyright on the audio and therefore put ads on this video is ironic.

Anyway, it’s a little rant/free verse which sums up how I feel about the current state of things here is the year of our Lord (money) 2018. The more things change, the more they stay they same.

Maybe my glasses are special. Maybe I can see.

Maybe I’m nuts.

Maybe I’ll disappear for Thought Crime and WrongThink.

Either way, it sure feels like the 80’s all over again.

They live. We sleep.

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