The not really year in review: Feelin’ fine

Seasons beatings, readerinos! Originally, I had this whole screed planned out, waxing about this and that, but life got in the way and time has been scarce. Now, as I type this, the desire to wax philosophical about the past year has waned. So, I’ll try to keep this short.

Plus, keeping true to my word, I’m keeping my opinions online to a minimum these days. If you truly want to know what I think, please buy the new book. It’s all in there. 😀

Let me just say that despite the invisible (and sponsored!) suffocating pressure (which seems to permeate everything these days), to declare misery and despair, here in the year of our Lard, 2017, which according to many, was thee worst year in recorded human history, I’m feelin’ fine. No, really.

Woe is me! Woe is ye! So sayeth the eternal bus station cacophony! Abandon all hope ye who enter this space, as 2018 sez: hold my beer! And all of that would be just fine except for the fact that I don’t feel that way at all, things are pretty frickin’ great and 2017 was a damn good year. So, ha!

So you can take all of that manufactured smoke and the sponsored misery and shove it – I ain’t buyin’. No sale. Sorry, folks, but I had an awesome year and I’m looking forward to making next year just as killer. Why do I bother to mention this..?

Mostly because people work so tediously now to discover new things to get upset about, and then they get even more upset if you’re not also upset. It’s exhausting. The Misery Loves Company Crowd ™ became an official industry in 2017, complete with stock and bonds and they’re looking to expand!

A friend’s recent health scare and my own personal reflection of what matters and what does not, only reinforced to me that you have to be thankful for the little things and let the stupid shit go. And holy crap, 2017 was teeming with stupid.

Me to the Misery Loves Company folks

I have much to be thankful for, most of which I won’t bore you with here, but it is worth noting that if you don’t stop and look around once in a while to appreciate what’s good, well, there’s millions of people out there just waiting to welcome you into the cold recesses of Our Lady of Perpetual Misery. I want no part of that. Life is good, life is short and life is what you make of it. I’m enjoying it and trying not to take it for granted.

Ok, I’m getting off the soap box now. I just wanted to take a moment here before the year expires to say that things are good and I’m not going to apologize for having a great year. After some soul searching I’ve decided that I’m gonna keep on truckin’ – there’s lots more books planned in the years to come. So huzzah!

Also, I can’t tell you how much stuff like this makes my day:

Which isn’t to say that I do not appreciate all the great stuff that friends and family say, because I do! But when it comes from complete strangers who don’t know me from Adam? Well, as an author that’s a pretty damn amazing feeling.

Because it is hard to find books like mine, and goddamnit, it’s awful nice to be appreciated!

In case you missed it, the book received a great review by local alt weekly, Folio, here. Please feel free to add your own review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads or B&N. Reviews help!

I still have a few copies left for sale, which come signed by me and with free bookmarks. Support your loco publisher and get your copy here! 

In closing, I also wanted to say thank you to all of you who have supported what I do. I hope you are also feelin’ fine, doing great and that you’re having an awesome holiday.

Salud! \m/(>.<)\m/

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