The Great Lowriting Review Campaign

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Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul by Art Meza, aka @Chicano_Soul, has achieved some amazing milestones in its two years of publication, including but not limited to, being taught in several universities, celebrity and political endorsements and worldwide recognition. From East L.A. to Australia, Lowriting is known, but one thing has remained elusive during its time on the shelf and that is reviews. This is puzzling!

The book has been on and off the radar for over two years now and it continues to resonate with people who love and breathe lowrider culture. But the book has never garnered the attention of any major news publications nor literary circles, despite having high visibility at times.

This suits both myself and Meza just fine, as the book was not created with the intent to please a high brow audience, but it’s baffling that it flies so low on the radar in some circles and high in others. Even so, there should be more reviews.

Currently, Lowriting has five 5 Star reviews on Amazon. It has only one 5 Star review on Barnes & Noble and just three on Goodreads. Now, as the publisher, I know that more than nine people have read the book, so where are all the reviews?

Listen, I realize it’s a pain in the ass to leave a review for a product. I get hounded by companies all the time to do the same thing. Do I listen? Most of the time? No. But every now and again, and when I really believe in something or it it made an impact on me, I do. This is especially true for me with books and or records.

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So, I get it. But I am asking you – if Lowriting made any kind of impact on you at all (and I know it has for many of you because you have told me so), to share just a little bit of that with the general public. Take five minutes out of your day and leave a review for this groundbreaking book on Amazon. Yes, I said “groundbreaking.” Show me another book with the scope of Lowriting – I’ll wait.

Even if you do not write any words in your review but simply rate the book – it helps!

I’ve written about this before but I cannot stress enough how detrimental book reviews are to a book’s shelf life. They help tremendously – more than you probably realize! You want more diverse books? I want to create them! But I need your help in keeping them alive.

This is the whole purpose of “the great Lowriting review campaign.” I realize this is a “please review my books” rant but it’s honest. I’m not bullshitting you here. I need your help.

Take a minute or two, and give your two cents about the book. Maybe you loved it – maybe you didn’t! I’d like to know! Maybe you have a suggestion about what we could have done better or not done? Feedback is not only helpful, it’s crucial to making books people want! Your feedback helps me create better books.

Personally, for as widely read as it is, and with the amount of talent that is in the book (seriously), it’s criminal that it has so few reviews. I am always upfront with you about what I’m doing here – I don’t have a publicist or a marketing team. All I have is the will to make these books to try and to push back against mainstream publishing, page by page. You help me keep that will strong.

So take a moment and help out. Broken Sword Publications appreciates every single one of you who has taken the time to write a review! You might not know that but it’s true!

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