The Broken Podcast – Episode No. 8

Podcast No. 8


The Broken Podcast – Episode No. 8 marks my return to podcasting (it’s been a while). My last podcast was six months ago – how’s that for consistency?

I use this format to break news about Broken Sword Publications and also to share spoken word pieces and other things too. I like doing podcats once in a while because it allows me to mix things up, plus it’s fun – tedious but fun.

This time around I have new new format (Mixcloud) and a brand new microphone, so I got a bit carried away with the time, hopefully you enjoy (and don’t fall asleep).

In the first segment of the show I break down some recent news, wax poetic about the film ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ and ‘Carrie’, talk ‘Beyond Scared Straight’, John Stamos, Mark Maron and the Hollywood shuffle.

In the second segment I discuss my two upcoming releases ‘Ducktown’ by Josh Divine and ‘Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul’ by Art Meza. I detail, exactly, what I’m looking for (and not looking for) in submissions and ask you, the listener, why you have not submitted yet.

In the third segment I read “That’s Not Who I Am Anymore” which is recent piece I penned and shared on Tumblr and then I wrap things up with a bang.

As always, feedback is appreciated – I’m still figuring out what I’m doing and like to know what people thing.

– S|J|R


  • Lindy – Kreative Haus Reply

    Finding my way here via The Twitter…aka The Rabbit Hole. I LOVE the movie When Peggy Sue Get Married! Such a classic. I’m just diving into podcasting and trying to get some ideas together for episode 2, (technically episode 1 since the first was an intro). I’m just working on getting some ideas and learning some best practices. So far, I think you have a good speaking voice and way you formulate your thoughts. Authentic, natural and compelling. How much do you work off a script?

    Keep up the good work!

    • S|J|R Reply

      Thanks so much for listening. I write a rough outline of topics I’m planning on discussing that I use for reference and then usually just go off the top of my head unless I’m reading a specific piece. The script outline helps me stay on topic as I have a tendency to ramble. 😀

  • Lindy – Kreative Haus Reply

    I found you via the Twitter aka The Rabbit Hole…

    Great podcast – authentic, compelling and engaging. I love that movie Peggy Sue Got Married; such a classic. For your Lowriting submissions, you specifically want low riders in the theme of the story, right? Non fiction?

    Keep up the great writing/speaking!

    • S|J|R Reply

      Hi Lindy – thanks! Yeah, watching that film again really blew me away all these years later.

      Yes, exactly, either the cars or the culture should be part of the story, poem, essay, prose – non-fiction is fine as long as it isn’t too academic, i.e. stuffy. 😉

  • Robert Flores Reply

    Thanks for the S/O 🙂 sound quality was excellent.

    • S|J|R Reply

      Thanks for listening, bro! 😀

  • Patricia Cox Reply

    I enjoyed the podcast- thanks! I especially liked “That’s Not Who I Am Anymore”. Although I am not in any of those fields, I can relate to the feeling of writing off someone who burned me and the possibility of them inserting themselves in my life again- a universal fear. Especially when one of you are nearing the end.

  • Patricia Cox Reply

    I enjoyed the podcast, especially “That’s Not Who I Am Anymore”. Very powerful. I’ve tried to leave feedback before, but for some reason my comments don’t post. Thought I’d try again. Thanks!

    • S|J|R Reply

      Hi Patty – sorry about that! I’m still trying to tweak the comment system. Thanks for listening!

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