Terrifying book, Demon in the Mirror, back in stock!

Demon in the Mirror was my first official book. It’s a mixture of really fucked up poetry, prose and short fiction in the vein of The Twilight Zone. It was met with…mixed reviews, to say the least. Some people swear by this book, others are afraid of it. It’s been known to induce nightmares and also cause local bookstore owners to flee in terror, with their hair on fire, because it “will frighten her customers.”  She was serious.

A writer for the local weekly paper read it/reviewed it and unabashedly asked me if I had ever “killed anyone”…really. Actually, it was the second copy of the book I sent to the paper…someone thought it worthy enough to steal the first. I shall never forget that interview and had to ask myself if all writers deal with such asinine questions. Turns out they do.

Why all the shock, thievery and fear? Find out for yourself…Amazon constantly drops the ball on this book so I sell it direct. You can also order it through LuLu and B&N if you are so inclined.

DITM promo3
Dream #666, from Demon in the Mirror

If you’re daring enough (and use PayPal), you too can own a copy of this terrifying and appalling book, personally autographed by me for $20 (Priority shipping included). Limited copies available. If your’re interested, get a hold of me here.

*Side note: Eventually, I plan on reprinting this book so get them while supplies last. This amazing cover is one of a kind by Houston artist, Julie Zarate. Google her. You’ll be very happy you did.

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