Telling His Story: Robert The Bold

bobby the butcherI wanted to share this photo from Robert Flores’ Instagram feed. Robert, an expert meat cutter by trade, and the author of #FuckCancer, was recognized by his company for being a published author and kicking cancer’s ass. Not only did he get a shout out for Lowriting but also for his perseverance. I thought this was really cool! Recognition like this from your employer is important!

As for the book itself, it is nearing completion. I just received a proof copy back and am making corrections. After that it will be sent for design and then to press. So far, from the few people who have read it, it has elicited a strong emotional response. I’m not going to guarantee the book will make you cry but it will definitely make you feel something. It’s that good.

Anyway, hang in there, we’re in the home stretch! In the meantime, follow Robert on Instagram and Twitter and let him know you can’t wait to read his book!

– S|J|R

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