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Carnal, Show a Little Love

End of Hostilities: The termination of a declared war or armed conflict by simple cessation of hostilities.
I’d like to take this time to remind you all that in 2012 four gentlemen allegedly from The Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Family, North and South put their differences aside after 50 years of warfare behind the walls into a united front known as Prisoners Human Rights Movement to dismantle the use of indefinite solitary confinement.
This movement lead to a lawsuit settlement and a End of Hostilities between all races behind the walls, the largest and longest hunger strike in history and a cease fire between North and South. This End of Hostilities reached Santa Clara County Jails in 2016 who followed suit embarking on their own hunger strike including North, South, Black, White and Asian under the banner of Prisoners United. A federal lawsuit followed and a total demolition of the hoyo in East Little Max!

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