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The tale Dicktown and counterfeit soul

I really don’t know how else to explain this so I’ll just give it to you as it happened. Some of you may remember that I published a collection of comic strips by artist Josh Divine back in 2013. It was called Josh Divine’s Ducktown. I say “some” because the book flopped miserably and despite numerous attempts to revive interest in the work, it never saw the recognition it deserved. It remains a sore spot for me and I keep it in print primarily out of spite, but also because I still have sliver of hope that one day Josh will get famous and people will seek out his book. But mostly it’s spite. Continue reading The tale Dicktown and counterfeit soul

Junior High Boobs

story by Gabby Vignone | photos by Art Meza aka Chicano Soul

“Mission Girls” by Art Meza aka Chicano Soul – buy prints at ChicanoSoul.net

I was in 7th grade now; my boobs came in over summer, C cup, lost weight, got taller and found a new love for cholos.

Yovanny was my best friend as far as boys go, had some girl ones too but they come with so many emotions, drama: my boyfriend was flirting with you, that’s my shirt crap! We met at Dixie Canyon Elementary School, in Sherman Oaks California and sat next to each other in Mr. Wong’s class.

I hated those timed multiplication tests. I knew my times tables but I concentrated more on how much time was left than the problems, but I loved Dixie, had my first kiss there; James was his name and we carved a J hearts G into the tree on the playground.

Dixie is where I found out about Bloody Mary…and I’m still scared, so I will not repeat her name again. Sure people think it’s all a hoax, but Martia took me into the bathroom closed the door, turned off the lights, placed her finger on the mirror, said that name three times, and when the lights came back on, I saw blood. All over Martia’s finger, all over the mirror, that was proof enough! And don’t get me started on the stories about La Llorona, once you hear those you will never walk by a creek the same again.

Martia was a bad ass; she got held back a few times and already had boobs. I had something too cause Fernando ran over mid class one day on a dare and grabbed them. It felt so gross, embarrassing and shameful but Yovanny was there for that kind of stuff. Don’t get me wrong he is the same guy who would steal my D.A.R.E stickers and put them in his book, same guy who teased me, stole my Keroppi pen and same guy I helped Martia throw water balloons at, filled with her own piss. Continue reading Junior High Boobs