Strange rumblings in [digital] Aztlán


If it’s one thing that I do well it’s wear a tinfoil hat. I have a whole collection of them and wear them proudly and often.  I am, after all, a product of the tinfoil hat generation; Cue The X-Files theme.

Ok, then maybe The Chicano Files, which would probably feature theme music by Chicano Batman…but then we’d all argue about if that was “authentic” enough…Anyway, back in the day we questioned everything! I still do…And that, kids, that makes me verifiable quack in today’s rah-rah big brother/entertainment obsessed world. But I’m OK with that. I am the Xicano version of The X-Files’ Agent Mulder and Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory.

I mean, let’s face it – Broken Sword Publications is not a mainstream outfit. I’m not out here doing cartwheels for corporate dollars nor am I begging fast food giants to put my work on their cups.

Some might argue that I am about as anti-mainstream as it gets (you see any e-books here? No, you do not) while still managing to operate in a capitalist system, and you’d be right. Some might call that (and me) “crazy” but I’d just chalk it up to my upbringing and education. Xicano y que?

Recently, some friends and I (the resistance! Ha!) have been discussing the various cabals that operate behind the curtain. There’s the Hispanic Cabal, the Latino Cabal, the Hollywood Cabal, the Media Cabal and of course, the government one, aka the Reptilian Overlord Cabal. During the course of discussing these things, there have been some strange rumblings in Aztlán…digital Aztlán that is.

Weird things have been going down and I don’t believe it’s by accident. Not too long ago, my website was hacked/destroyed and then my friend’s website was hacked. And these things always happened directly after we were involved in exposing the reptile people and their plans for turning people into apathetic zombies focused only on the entertainment industry. Good thing they haven’t succeeded in that one yet, huh?

My books were pulled from Amazon and then their shipping times were messed with and then they were pulled again. One of them was even made “out of print” for while without any consent from me.

One of my books was even banned from advertising itself because the title (AmeriKKKan Stories) was deemed “profane.” So, yes, I do wear my tinfoil hat proudly because a lot of this stuff is just too weird to be coincidence.

There has been banning and silencing on social media and propaganda campaigns from various media outlets, bloggers and political wannabes. There has been inaccessibility issues and wholesale media blacklisting of my books and theft of ideas…spying! By both journalists and the feds! And most recently , my own website became inaccessible to me!

Yeah. That was a new one. The website – the one you are reading right now – has been inaccessible to me only! Huh? Exactly.

In essence, my ISP (AT&T) is blocking me from accessing my own website. But just me, not you. This is both bizarre…and frustrating. It’s also cause for more tinfoil.

Both my host and all of you have no problem pulling up the site but I cannot. How’s that for weird..? I can, however, access my site through a proxy server…just not through my own connection. So…yeah, AT&T is blocking it for whatever reason.

Maybe they are not fans of so-called subversive literature. Or Chicana/o authors or publishers. Maybe they have friends in some of the cabals. Maybe I have called out the “wrong” people one too many times. Who knows? Or maybe I’m nuts.

In either case, you should continue to support independent authors and publishers at all costs because if this (and what’s been going down with Amazon) is any indication of what the web will be like without net neutrality, we are in serious trouble, folks.

And for the record, as I anticipated, AT&T’s tech support has been both horrible and clueless. After three hours on the phone with them, they concluded that they would have to call me back.

Of course, they have not called me back and all of a sudden after appealing to the court of social media and shaming them publicly – BAM! – I can access my site again, hence this post. Strange rumblings indeed.

I have to note that the blocking happened only happened after I wrote a blog post about Jeff Bezos being the devil…coincidence? You tell me.

I will continue to try and expose the reptile people and the aliens from outer space that are fooling everyone into obeying their totalitarian regime. In the meantime, in case I disappear or this website goes dark, please help spread the word. Support indie publishing! Ask for our books at your local bookstores and libraries and help keep the freedom of print alive! The resistance needs YOU!

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Thanks for reading.

 – S|J|R

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