Shipping update & exciting news about BSP books moving forward

Hi gang, just a quick update to let you know that the holiday rush is over and shipping is back to normal. Whew! That means no more delays. Typically, during Xmas, my distributor, Ingram, slows down because they become backlogged with orders. I don’t have any control over that and it sucks for me and you. But the rush is over and new orders now will print and leave Ingram’s warehouse in two business days. They utilize Media Mail, so it typically takes a week after shipping to arrive, give or take.

As I’ve stated before, this is all part of the POD, or “print on demand” business model, which allowsBSP to stay in business. All that means is that I don’t normally have to keep much stock on hand. When you order a book, it is printed “on demand” and then ships to you brand new from the printer. This method, of course, takes longer, but I always tell people that they can also order BSP books through Amazon or B&N etc. It’s up to you, the consumer.

That said, I have an announcement regarding books. All BSP books are on order right now and I will have a limited number of copies of Lowriting. ¡Ban This! and everything else in stock and ready to ship, here from home base, soon. This means they will come signed and with the new bookmarks. They will also ship Priority Mail. I’ll update you all when they arrive and are in stock.

Moving forward I am going to keep a small amount of stock on hand at all times to make things easier. 🙂

Until then, you can visit the store at

Let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your patronage and patience. Thank you for supporting your loco publisher!

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