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Me finishing my book

So I realized the other day that while I’ve been updating my social media pretty regularly, I’ve neglected to put those same updates here. Oops. There’s been news! And big news at that. For starters, the new book is finally done! Yes, really! And I need to clarify here – my new book, This Is Fine, is complete – which means that I have finished writing it and am no longer tinkering on it, lamenting over it, editing it and or beating myself up about it. It’s done. Whew! This one took a while!

That said, the book is with art production right now as I type this and nearing its final phase before being sent to the printer. I’m shooting for a November street date. What you see here is a proofreading copy and a rough mock up sketch of the cover art. Yes, that’s supposed to be me. The version you see here is just a teaser cover and I think you guys are going to love the final version. From what I’ve seen thus far, the art is amazing. All of the art is being created by Emilio Medina of Muy Creative. You might remember his cover work from a little book I did called Lowriting…just sayin’. Go check him out.

Anyway, it’s done. It’s well over 300 pages and has material from 2011 until now. Once I submit it to the printer I will be taking pre-orders. Thank you for your patience, I know this book took forever but all art is like that – it takes however long it takes, no more, no less.

Yep, that’s me. 😀

And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think this book is either gonna be my ‘break out’ book, where I finally break through…or it’s gonna be a total frickin’ disaster. Could go either way! But I’ve got my hopes up because I’m super proud of this book and believe it’s my best material to date! Yes, really. And! And! And I think people are gonna go nuts over the cover, but of course I’m biased.


What else? Once the book is actually out and for sale, I’m gonna branch out into some merch items. I don’t want to spill the beans yet, per se, but I have some pretty cool stuff in mind that I think people will dig. More on that later when I hammer out some more details but if you have anything you’d like to see on some merch (logo, covers etc), or merch ideas, hit me up. I’m open to ideas.

Oh! I also announced that I’m going to be (finally) releasing the long out of print book, Demon in the Mirror, and publishing a second printing. I’m shooting for early 2018 for this one, so wish me luck! All of you who have been asking for this book, or missed out the first time, will finally get your chance to read it.

But wait…there’s more!

Not the actual cover concept…

Since this will be a 10th anniversary edition, the book will feature all new cover art, a lengthy intro about the book’s journey and why I yanked it out of circulation, the controversy over the book, including my thoughts on DITM ten years later in today’s hypersensitive world and…and! AND! I am going to include my first ever chapbook, Alcohol Soaked and Nicotine Stained, which has been out of print since 2002, in the book! Boom! That’s two out of print titles in one! Stay tuned for more updates on this one!

Lastly, I want to talk about marketing a bit. Marketing has always been the one thing that I’ve been pretty awful at. All this time I’ve stayed grass roots and low key and never really advertised my books, well, anywhere. But I’m gonna mix things up this time and go for broke, and that entails doing things I’d not considered before.

One of those things will be in the form of a mailer newsletter. What’s a mailer, you ask? It’s an email that is typically used by a company to tell you about new products or sales you might be interested in. I get them from record companies all the time and I’m sure you’re familiar with the format.

Listen, the last thing I wanna do is spam you. That’s not what I’m about. If we’ve done business over the years and I somehow have your e-mail address still, you can expect to be subscribed to the BSP Newsletter. It’s extremely easy to unsubscribe from these things, all you do is click a button and bam, it’s done. No harm, no foul. That said, I’m hoping you will stay subscribed because I will be updating via the newsletter when the new book is for sale and how you can pre-order it, as well as when merch drops and when new books come out etc.

Trust me – I won’t spam you with bullshit. I assume if you’re reading this or if you have my books on your shelf, you’ll want to be included.

That’s about all I got, folks! I apologize for the lapse in updates here but just in case, be sure to follow me on the gram and elsewhere. There’s lots more to come as we near ever closer to a street date for This Is Fine. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!

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  • PKC Reply

    So excited about the new book – LOVE the title and the cover. Also, you’ve given me a good reason to buy Demon in the Mirror again. Thanks for the good news- I need all the positives I can get right now. Congratulations on finishing the new book!

    • ~{S|J|R}~ Reply

      Thank you! I’m excited too! It’s been a while, so this is like starting new again. 😀

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