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I always tell people who one of the biggest challenges an independent publisher faces is getting press for your books. Visibility matters! I also tell people who the only thing that separates my publishing house from a big house pub is budget. This is true! It is also frustrating.

I was recently given a quote for publicity services from a well-known (and respected) publicity firm and the price tag caused me to both pause and also bellow out in fits of laughter. My response? If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t need a publicist. True story!

I have struggled over the years to get both visibility and also press for my books. I recently asked the Independent Book Publisher’s Association (a group which I am member of), if they had any marketing venues for either Latino books or comic books (think: Ducktown). Their response? No.

This is frustrating and also telling! As an indie, it’s already an uphill battle but as an indie that has specialized books? Whew! Talk about a challenge. But it’s one that I relish. Sure, I may curse at it but I still relish it. Why? It makes success that much sweeter.

So…when publicity does actually come my way, I am always humbled and forever grateful. Which brings me to my point – getting publicity for Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul has been pretty challenging and it shouldn’t be (in my not so humble opinion), considering how high-caliber of a book it is. But here we are, clawing and gnawing for scraps of favor in order to keep the book in the so-called limelight.

That said, the publicity that the book has received since its release in January has been killer and I am thankful for every bit of it.

Photo by muyCreative
Art Meza at Mi Vida Boutique. Photo by muyCreative

The book was recently reviewed by Sal Rojas of Brown Pride. Rojas even attended the book signing in Highland Park:

“This 294 page book is an authentic collection of pictures, graphic art, and words that reflect our Chicano Soul via our lowrider experience.

Lowriting: Shots, Rides, & Stories book belongs in everyone’s bookcase, or better yet, on top of your coffee table for everyone to see, read, and to appreciate the beauty of our lowrider culture.” – Sal Rojas, Brown Pride

The book also received amazing praise from literary giant, Luis Alberto Urrea, on his blog. To say that I’m honored is an understatement – my mind exploded reading this essay by Luis:

“This is one of the most beautiful books to ever come out of Chicano publishing.” – Luis Alberto Urrea

The book received a great review by La Bloga, with particular favor paid to some of the book’s unsung hero’s, like artist Josh Divine and Xicano X:

“The entire collection deserves not only a reading but an order via the publisher or indie booksellers. Low riding, like football or ice hockey, might be an acquired taste, but low writing, like any United States literature, is essential to comprehending the “soul” and the “chicano” in “chicano soul.” As the interview relates about the film, Boulevard Nights being taught in C/S classes, Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul will be taught in chicano studies courses.” – Michael Sedano, La Bloga 

  • I got a mention and a picture in the Arizona Daily Star for BSP’s upcoming appearance at the Tucson Festival of Books. This will be my second trip to the festival and I am again honored to be a part of it and proud to represent independent publishing. BSP is bringing Lowriting to Tucson, which promises to be an amazing experience! More details on that soon!
  • I recently recorded an interview with New Mexico’s KUMN radio station for their Espejos de Aztlan show with host Adam Aguirre. We talked Lowriting and indie publishing and the interview went great. I will post the audio when the show airs on 3/10.
  • Lastly, the photographer for Lowriting, Art Meza, did a podcast show for Echo Park Forums. The podcast turned out great as Meza read from the book and shared with people his journey and history as a photographer. It’s definitely worth a listen and will take you behind the scenes of Lowriting.

If you are interested in an interview or reviewing any of our titles or adding them to your store or library, please contact me here. 

 – S|J|R



  • Echo Park Forums Reply

    It was great to have Art come on the Echo Park Podcast to discuss Echo Park and LoWriting. We were able to appreciate the work that goes into independently publishing a book, and we’re glad to be part of its marketing run.

    It’s also good to see other marketing opportunities the book has had. We hope you guys have fun at Tucson! The podcast will continue to be live, so hopefully people will find it today and in the future. Thank you!

    • S.J.R. Reply

      Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to interview Art and talk about the book – plus with all the links and stuff, man – just great! Thank you! I know how much work goes into creating a podcast! As I wrote above, getting press is an uphill battle for an indie press so this was great. We’ll keep you posted on Tucson. I hope a ton of people listen to the podcast. Thanks again, bro!

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