Recently, amidst all the chaos going on in the world, I noticed a push to rename “Hispanic Heritage Month” to “Latinx Heritage Month.” I could write a full dissertation on this ridiculous topic alone but I won’t – not now – no need, nor interest. But there should be…

I also noticed that there is a coordinated effort, with the Library of Congress, to effectively edit Wikipedia to include “latinx” in already established articles of history and or information. This is blatantly re-writing history…alas, it’s not on anyone’s radar. 

This should concern people but I know it won’t. I often worry that no one is documenting this era of Chicano history the way we did earlier decades…or fighting to preserve what we have and ensure that it is not erased or edited to be politically correct.

If we continue to collectively sit on our hands long enough it will be as if we never existed because that’s the eventual goal of these slash-and-burn folks. The “latinx” movement will see to its complete erasure and then corporate Amerikkka and the politicos will swoop in and finally have one homogeneous bastardization to market to. Ya basta.   

Anyway, reading about this effort prompted this impromptu poem. Enjoy. 


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