Josh Divine’s Ducktown and the trouble with Amazon

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As an indie publisher, I rely heavily on Amazon to sell books and to reach a global audience.

Maybe I rely on it too much.

Recently, I released Josh Divine’s Ducktown and Amazon has either displayed the title as ‘temporarily out of stock’ or taking from one to three weeks to ship! This is unacceptable.

However, we’re talking about a giant monster here, perhaps the biggest book juggernaut ever and trying to get them to bend to the will of a tiny publisher is laughable. But the one thing they do understand is money.

Of course, I inquired with my distributor about this issue and I have even written to the Independent Book Publishers Association about it. But the fact of the matter is, as an indie publisher, you don’t mean much to these giant retailers and that sucks.

Here’s what Ingram had to say about the issue:

“Ingram sends and confirms inventory title feeds to our customers, and we make titles immediately available to all our retail channel partners in the same manner. All our retail channel partners, including Amazon, make the decision on how to display the availability of a title. We are pleased that most retailers reflect an “In Stock” status for your POD titles, which is a true representation of the immediate availability of Lightning Source print-on-demand.

We understand that Amazon uses unique factors to determine availability status, and they may include, but are not limited to, anticipated and past demand, returnability, and purchase terms. Please keep us informed, and know that as we learn about Amazon availability, we continue to look into each issue and evaluate options to address them. The availability of titles across all our global retailer partners is very important to us.”

Not very reassuring. So, where does this leave BSP and Ducktown? Still in the driver’s seat.

While we still rely heavily on Amazon for both reviews and sales, until they get their collective shit together, I am encouraging people to purchase Josh Divine’s Ducktown through other channels.

Please support Barnes & Noble and purchase the book there. Or you can buy direct from Josh at his book signing this weekend in Colorado and you can also buy direct from BSP, just as soon as we get our copies in.

Please do not let this discourage you from buying a copy of this awesome book. You can also ask for it at your local bookstore or comic shop. As an indie publisher, we rely on and are looking forward to your support and reviews for this book!

Thank you.

– S|J|R

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