Illegals line up for driver’s licenses


I posted this image the other morning in order to swat back at the Santa Barbara News-Press’ ridiculous headline. I doctored it in Photoshop in a few minutes and then BAM! It wasn’t long before I started seeing it reposted and without credit! D’oh! So I watermarked it, which I realize can still get cropped out but at least it’s something.

Thanks to those of you who have credited me. I appreciate it! It’s pretty stupid that you have to plaster your name/logo all over your stuff so that people won’t rip it off. Welcome to the web in 2015.

In any event, I heard the #santabarbaranewspress was vandalized after the incident. Guess I won’t be expecting people to start chanting “Je Suis SBNP” any time soon… 

Damn illegals.


*Original painting (pre-photoshop) by Edward Pearcy Morgan. 



  • John Lopez Reply

    The irony is that you’re worried about people ripping off your Photoshop while you rip off somebody else’s art. The image is still pretty funny nonetheless.

    • S|J|R Reply

      Yeah, but I gave credit…*zing*

  • John Lopez Reply

    lol you gave credit to the painting on the bottom? If you didn’t, recall your zing and kindly accept mine: zing!

    • S|J|R Reply

      Ha! I did, it’s right there by the Spaniard’s knee… *double zing*

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