I need a new drug

Forgive me, because I realize that I’m repeating myself here…but I’ve struggled with social media since its inception and truth be told, I’ve never been very good at it. I feel…schizophrenic (for lack of a better term), when it comes to these mediums because I never know what the hell to do with them.

I hate the currency of likes and followers.

I hate that all of this is corporate and sterile.

I hate that it attracts the worst in people and that misery spreads like a virus.

And I hate that social media is now a place devoid or originality or freedom of thought.

Truly, I miss micro-blogging and the freedom that came with it, which is to say that I miss LiveJournal. Nothing has come close to what LJ once was for me – and for a time it was thee perfect medium. But that was forever ago and yet I’ve tried to replicate that feeling time and again on multiple mediums, all without success.

In case you can’t tell, my rants don’t fit in on places like *Instagram, or anywhere any more. Who the hell writes mini-essays on a photo-centered medium?! 😑

*(I tried to squeeze this rant on IG…no one there is going to read all of this, yet I make that mistake again and again there.)

I am open to suggestions but am none too excited about the internet these days in ANY form. And I’ve tried it all. Let’s be honest, it sucks, folks. This is Frankenstein’s monster – we’re living it, pitchforks, torches and all.

I’ve considered mediums like TinyLetter, which would be little blog posts delivered to your email. But then I realized that I already have a blog, and you can sign up for it via email…so I should probably just use that, yeah? Ugh. I hate the internet. What a mess.

One of the things that I struggle with these days is blogging because, well, no one reads blogs any more. Why? Because people don’t blog any more. And I can’t really blame them. Blogging is a dead medium. So why the fuck am I still doing this?!

Good question.

We’ve made a sewer out of all of this stuff. Everyone wants cute, neat, cookie-cutter, single serving photos or videos and memes and hashtags. And rage. Oh, do they want that sweet, sweet rage. And they all want to be sold something, be it products, the “truth” or they just want to be flat-out lied to.

Me? All I wanna do is write. I’m not cut out for this shit. So maybe I should just shut the fuck up.

I need a new drug.

7 thoughts on “I need a new drug

  1. I’m still reading your blog. I tried doing mine again. No one gives a fuck and I’ve tried to figure out why I care that they don’t give a fuck when they asked me to blog again. Have you seen Blackkklansmen yet? I want to.

    1. Hey dude, how are you? I’ve neglected my blog mostly due to time constraints but also because no one one cares. I didn’t want to believe that blogging was dead five years ago but now we’re here and it’s a rotting corpse. It seems really weird these days to keep a blog and then have blog posts up from years ago…everything is so disposable now. And so I still cling to print. Weird.

      I don’t see many new films, mostly because I think Hollywood is also dead.

  2. I read your blogs because I care about what you think. Maybe people that actually care are in a minority, but we are out here, and we’ll be here when the devasation is a distant memory. Maybe I still believe that good outlasts misery, even in the social media world.

  3. I used to blog and I had all these bloggers I’d follow and would go back and read all their previous posts to “get to know them better.” But work and life got in the way and I stopped it all. And I also started to feel like a weird stalker in a way, so I tuned out for a while. LOL! Please don’t put your books on that e-reader shit or whatever it’s called. There’s just something about cracking open a book and smelling the paper and getting lost in the pages.

    1. It’s interesting to me how blogs have come and gone. Social media killed them. But some are still at it…

      And no worries, I’ve never published e-books and never will. It goes against my core philosophy regarding publishing. Thank you for stopping by!

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