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This weekend I had the displeasure of learning that the site – this site –  had been hacked. It was a subtle hack and I had no clue it was even there but it was one that destroyed everything. It was quite a shock to receive an e-mail asking me to remove certain pages that were pointing to other sites…huh?!

Lo and behold, someone had put malicious code into the site and generated hundreds of spam pages. When I deleted them they regenerated themselves. Neat huh?

I was left with no choice but to wipe everything clean and start over, and even that was not easy to do. So here I am.There was a lot of great stuff on this site, dating back to the inception of BSP. Luckily  most of it is contained within my books and some of it on my hard drive. There was some stuff that is simply lost forever and while I choose not to dwell on it, that kind of loss sucks.

Even so, I am moving forward. If this year has taught me anything it’s that the best is yet to come. I have not decided if I will put any of the older stuff back up on the site yet…there is so much of it and if we’re really moving forward then it seems silly. We’ll see…

I have added all the books for sale and will be spending time promoting upcoming shows and book releases. If you are interested in purchasing any title, please let me know.

This has been a fantastic journey thus far and I am not going to let some hackers spoil the success I have enjoyed in writing and publishing.

If you are wondering why I chose to include a picture of my very first chapbook ‘Alcohol Soaked and Nicotine Stained‘ on this post, it’s because that’s where all of this started and we’re hitting the reset button, so to speak. Back to the grind…

So, faithful reader, bear with me as we build this thing from the ground up once again. We have some amazing books coming out this year and some killer shows to put on. So sit back and relax because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! ; )

Thank you all for continuing to support independent publishing.

– Santino J. Rivera
OwnerBroken Sword Publications, LLC


    • S|J|R Reply

      Ha! Very true, Dr. D! Not a bit of quit in me! 😀

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