Great reviews for Josh Divine’s Ducktown

Duck tat
Artist Josh Divine gets down for Ducktown

The reviews are coming in and Josh Divine’s Ducktown is delighting people coast to coast! The book signing at Time Warp Comics was a big success and we are looking forward to bringing both Josh and Ducktown to a store near you.

Check out what these readers had to say about the book:

Colleen says:

Ducktown is funny, dark … worth reading!

Roberto says:

It’s so refreshing to find something different and original. Josh Divine takes his own approach and what that means is that this is a book dripping with originality. it seems to me that JD is expressing a lot of his personal experiences through his writing and artwork. this isn’t just your standard daily comic strip…it’s something more.

Randolph says:

There were so many moments in my reading of this book where I bursted out into laughter! If you enjoy smart, well-drawn and downright hilarious comic strips, you must check this out!!!

Recently, someone posted one of Josh’s “Minutes” comics on Reddit and the response was incredible. As of right now, the comic has over 366k views! Can you say: WOW!?

JD Minutes
Proper way to rate a book by Josh Divine

The challenge for us is getting even a fraction of those same people to check out Josh’s book. If they enjoyed that strip they will love Ducktown. I know I am not insane – Josh is hilarious and Ducktown is a gut-bustingly funny book! The problem with being indie is exposure and getting people to see his talent.

We are still at odds with Amazon due to their screwy shipping times with Ducktown. Until things are resolved with them, I am encouraging people to purchase the book at B&N or elsewhere. I am also encouraging you to write a review for the book at either site. Also, please request Ducktown at your local comic, bookstore or library. Every little bit helps!

I will have a few copies available for direct purchase very soon so stay tuned!

If you are interested in reviewing the book or interviewing Josh about the book, let me know! If you are interested in carrying the book in your store, please contact me.

Thanks for supporting indie publishing!

– S|J|R

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