Great reviews for #FuckCancer by Robert Flores


The reviews are coming in for #FuckCancer The True Story of How Robert the Bold Kicked Cancer’s Ass by Robert Flores and so far they are great! Check it out:

“This will help millions! I could not put the book down.” 

“This book shows me through my Mom’s eyes, with the help of Robert, what she went through but lost.”

“When I read this book I had no idea what to expect. So, here I was reading Bobby’s journey. I laughed my ass off in some places. In others I cried my eyes out. Some parts had me praying for him. A book worth reading, a journey worth taking and learning about.”

Go and read the full reviews and buy the book. Help this book help millions! If you have read the book, please considering sharing your thoughts about it on Amazon and Goodreads. These reviews help indie books more than you realize! It’s entirely possible that the book could help millions…but ultimately that’s up to you!

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