Excuse my dust…but I imported my other blog *cough, cough*


Being schizophrenic about your blog’s purpose is fun! Okay, not really, so excuse my dust while I try and streamline things. As I stated in my “deep thoughts” post, I’m going to try and just blog here, without worrying too much about if the content “fits.” So I decided to import my posts from my other blog. They’re all in here now and you can go back and read them if you like. It’s a lot of stuff so take your time…

I’ve decided to rehash and polish some of the stuff I wrote exclusively on Tumblr because why not? Tumblr (in my not so humble opinion) is a toilet for anything that is not a pretty picture, a meme or an argument. Writing anything of substance there, especially now, is a flush down the black hole of the internet. No one reads anything over there and I spent a lot of energy using it as a place for rough drafts.

For example, the letterbox blog I just published this morning was originally exclusively on Tumblr & read by maybe one whole person. Lol. My hope is now it’ll be read by three whole people. Shoot for the stars, right?

Anyway, I’ll be cross posting from now on but I just wanted to give you a heads up and also let you know that there’s a bunch of new content on here now that you probably missed. One, that I’m quite proud of, is my Scarlet Gospels book review, which I put some effort in to. (That’s code for go read it…) Give it a read (as well as the other stuff) and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading! The following is a gallery from the aforementioned imported posts.


  • PKC Reply

    Nice that you’re blogging in one place! I read your review of the Scarlet Gospels as suggested and found it very funny and sad ( regarding Clive Barker). Hopefully he can return to his former glory. Many good authors have a dog in their past. With his near death ( or death) experience, I’d expect a big impact – but hopefully Scarlet Gospels isn’t representative.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      It was a bizarre book to say the least. But it was an eye-opener as far as how he feels about the franchise. I was disappointed but like you, hope he returns to form. We’ll see – from what I read he’s pretty much “done” with horror. :/

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