Ducktown: Technical difficulties, please stand by

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Josh Divine’s Ducktown, our latest and greatest title, should be in your hands by now but due to several technical issues at the printer, we are in a holding pattern. Welcome to life as an independent publisher.

I was supposed to have a proof copy in my hands by now…and so I do! And it’s a gorgeous book that I cannot wait to show you! But there are a couple of issues with the proof copy that I am having the printer look into before I approve Ducktown for mass market.

In an effort to tide you over, whet your appetitie and seduce you into ordering a copy of this book, here is a sneak peek at the hard copy of Josh Divine’s Ducktown:

DT cover

DT colorDT LaloDT4

Awesome, right? Yes! We’re also busy lining up book signings for Josh in Colorado so stay tuned for those announcements. If you are interested in booking Josh for a book signing or interviewing Josh or myself about Ducktown, please let me know.

Anyway, yes, technical difficulties…to be honest, there’s been more than one issue and we’re hoping that this latest one is easily corrected and also the last. I’m planning on discussing these issues in greater detail on the next podcast. Some of them are funny the others are just plain frustrating. Alas, such is publishing.

So, please bear with us while do some quality control. Josh and I both want to ensure that the highest quality product is available for you to purchase.

Thanks for your patience.

– S|J|R

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