Ducktown: So good, people are stealing it!

Josh Divines Ducktown pdfJosh Divine’s Ducktown is so hilarious that people are stealing it! That’s a Hell of a book! Actually, they are trying to steal from you and using Ducktown as bait. Allow me to explain…

Josh Divine, author of Ducktown, brought this to my attention today and I investigated only to find out that this site (and many like it) are using this particular scam to get your credit card information so they can bill you forever. They offer to let you download the eBook but need your CC info first.

There is no such thing as an eBook or PDF for Josh Divine’s Ducktown. It doesn’t exist! BSP only deals in print.

The only way a bootleg PDF of Ducktown would be possible would be for someone to actually scan the book themselves and try and pawn it off on you. But if you’re that desperate for a crappy ripoff of the book, you have bigger problems.

Whoever is doing this is doing it to a lot of indie books! Buyer beware!

Don’t fall for this scam! Support indie artists and publishers! You can buy this book direct from me right now for a mere $15, shipping included, until Halloween! Or you can buy from the author himself, or from a reputable book dealer like Tattered Cover Book Store, Time Warp Comics or Barnes & Noble.

– S|J|R

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