College professor forced off campus because of his race OR why I’m no longer a “liberal”

Here’s how I know I’m not a “liberal” any more. Ready? This is quite the revelation. Deep breath…whew! Okay, here goes…I am vehemently opposed to people discriminating against other people because of their skin color.


Weird, right? What a rebel I am!

Further, I am ardently opposed to students forcing a college professor off campus because of his skin color. I am also opposed to students forcing other students off of campus because of their skin color. I am opposed to people discriminating against others based on skin color! Where I’m from that’s called “racism” and I am against racism. I loathe racists! Still with me? Good.

The mere thought of this happening in 2017 disgusts me and yet it reminds me of an ugly period in this country where droves of people did similar things and no one blinked an eyelash; you can see their black and white photos prominently featured in history books, which people often cite as the “wrong side of history.” And no one wants to become part of that! Yet, this very thing is occurring again, on college campuses across the U.S., due to the ever-widening chasm between sanity and mob rule.

What despicable, racist, obviously “deep south” bigot breeding ground is this happening in, you ask? What awful assbackwards, racist shithole state do we get to point the ugly stick at this time? Well, try the hate state of Washington on for size, hoss…you know, birth place of slavery and the civil war and KKK and…wait, what!?

Yep. Liberal safe space haven (birthplace of Starbucks and Amazon!), Washington, is now home to a vicious hotbed of bigotry and intolerance. Who knew?! And you might be wondering who the teacher is and why these obvious boot wearing, bald Nazi skinheads are being allowed to discriminate against him and other students based on race and race alone. I know what you’re thinking, it must be one of those black panther types you’ve heard so much about. Well, wonder no longer, sunshine.

Here’s his photo:

Yep. That’s right, Bret Weinstein, a GASP!! white male, who teaches biology at Evergreen State College, has been forced off of campus because he’s racist white. No, you read that right. Students there have run him off campus because he refused to participate in the school’s “Go Home Whitey!” day.

Fun fact: Evergreen State College is where The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening went to school. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind the students there today would burn him at the stake.

The students, these little darlings of the current “social justice movement,” are demanding that Weinstein resign, after he criticized an event where white people (both faculty and students) were invited to leave campus for a day so that the “people of color” could feel safe. Cuz, you know, just the mere presence of a single white person is enough to make things seem like Nazi Germany or a slave plantation from the antebellum South.

The un-ironically  titled “Day of Absence” event typically sees “people of color” voluntarily leave the campus in protest, in order to demonstrate how “valuable” they are to whitey, but this year – ho ho! – these bright young minds decided to flip the script and ask (hint: demand!) that white students and faculty leave the campus…or else.

Weinstein refused.

In response, a mob of angry students confronted Weinstein outside his classroom, shouted at him, accused him of being an “anti-black” racist, demanded an apology and his prompt resignation. He again refused, because he is obviously literally Hitler. What ensued has been a shitstorm of epic butthurt.


Students then goose-stepped across the campus, taking over classrooms and barricading the college president’s office and the library, demanding that this white man LEAVE!

The police informed Weinstein that he is “not safe on campus” and should take a few days to reflect on his Nazis ways, lest he be taught a lesson by mob justice. As we’ve seen in other über liberal cities, the police have been told to stand down and so Weinstein is left to defend himself. Should he get his teeth kicked in, oh well! That’s justice for ya, whitey!!

Weinstein, who has since held class off-campus for fear of his safety, has gone on TV to talk about the issue and remains defiant in his stance to not be bullied for his race, but I digress.

If any of this sounds bizarre to you that’s because it is. This is the DEFCON 2 level of the Twilight Zone where you hit the eject button and discover it was all a nightmare and people really aren’t this fucking insane. But here we are and lunacy is rampant these days, especially among college kids. And it’s spreading!

A reader asked me the other day, “Where are we going in this country!?” to which I replied, “Backwards.” I don’t have any other explanations.

It’s clear to me now that these people want “separate but equal” to rear its ugly head again…because it’s not the wacko GOP who are pushing for “making America great,” which conjured visions of the “colored only” signs of yesteryear, but instead, it’s “progressive” college kids. The same ones willing to smack you over the head with a bike lock in order to silence you.

Am I getting through to you yet, with these ridiculous stories? Is it making any kind of sense yet how fucked things are? And I hate to break it to you but this stupid shit has little to do with the Cheeto in Chief and everything to do with the decline of western civilization.

We’re in trouble, folks, and if these Gestapo-by-any-other-name kids are the “future,” we’re in deep fucking shit. These aren’t your run of the mill neo nazis doing this kind of shit, these are liberal arts students. Let that sink in.

I, for one, refuse to participate in the witch hunting of a person based on their race. And I refuse to condone it. You should also refuse to condone it because it’s WRONG.

It’s mind-blowing to me how these kids cannot see what they’re doing, how they are repeating the past. They are so delusional in their pursuit of what they imagine “justice” is, that they have gone over the edge and back round again to the start. And they’re not alone!

This story is popular and I’m only illustrating it here to say this:

If this is what it means to be “liberal” these days, if this is what “progressive” means now, then I am no longer a liberal. I am no longer progressive.

I absolutely do NOT believe in segregation and it absolutely blows my mind to see it come back around again, this time as a “progressive” ideal. 

Truth be told, I haven’t considered myself a “liberal” for sometime now. I don’t consider myself anything these days because everyone has lost their fucking minds. I am me.

I remain steadfast in the lessons I was taught over the course of my years, through trial and error, here on planet hearth, and that is to say, right is right and wrong is wrong.

This is wrong.

These kids are wrong.

This growing movement of intolerance and authoritarianism under the guise of being “anti-racist” is wrong.

It’s all wrong and we’re only at the beginning of what promises to be a long, hot and explosive summer, filled with even crazier stories than this.

I don’t know about you, but I have the feeling we ain’t seen nothin’ yet and all I can do is hold on and wait for the inevitable fallout, because the only difference between “sane” and “insane” are population numbers.

Theirs are growing.


  • PKC Reply

    This really blew my mind. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw the film you posted. We are talking some real messed up kids here. This nicely illustrates your stand for free speech. Seeing the professor standing alone in that rabble was really painful. In later years, I hope those students learn tolerance, and think about the choice he made to speak with them, and hang their heads in shame. Being bullied is never ok.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      That college is nuts. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The president of the school has lost his mind. You should see some of the video footage o him. I hope Weinstein sues.

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