Censorship is un-American

art by Josh Gosfield

dnc 2016 opening speech

There is nothing wrong with your smart phone

Do not attempt to adjust the Wi-Fi

We are controlling transmission

If we wish to make it louder

we will bring up the volume

If we wish to make it softer

we will tune it to a whisper

We will control the resolution

We will control the stream

We can enhance the image

make it transmit our thoughts

140 characters at a time

to your consumer minds

We can change the focus to a soft blur

or sharpen it to High Definition

For the next lifetime

sit quietly

do not think

and we will control all that you see and hear

We repeat: there is nothing wrong

with your smart phone

You are about to participate

in a great adventure

You are about to experience

the shock and awe

of the Marketing Propaganda Industrial Complex

which reaches from the trending hashtags

to the viral videos

We are in control

Do not question

Do not resist


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