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Representation in Hollyweird

Recently, the age old issue of “Latino” representation in Hollyweird reared its ugly head again on social media. People argued. They lamented. They moved on. This is an issue that was covered in ¡Ban This! in an article by Chicano actor Del Zamora titled “Where Are the Latinos in Films, TV?” The article, which was originally written for the L.A. Times in 1996, illustrates that this issue never improves, it just makes a cameo now and again. At the time, I felt the need to include the article in the book because the issue is as relevant now as it was then and also in 1996. Yet, Zamora’s point still stands: 

“After all, as one Hollywood executive explained to me, “We don’t have to put you in movies…there were no Latinos in Gotham City and you still came.”

This is a complex issue with a relatively simple answer. We (and I use that term lightly these days), don’t vote with our dollars. The executive from the 90s was correct: we buy tickets anyway. Continue reading Representation in Hollyweird

Keeping it real Neck Face style

Do people say keeping it real any more? Do I care? I thought this was cool. Leave it to a Chicano artist to break the rules and keep it fuckin’ real. Underground artist Neck Face, who was a bona fide Comicon artist this year with a booth y todo, posted up outside the con (by a dumpster no less!) for his fans who couldn’t make it inside. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

I hate the goddamn glitz and glam and fame, marketing, celebrity whoredom bullshit that comes with things like the SD Comicon now. Apparently so does Neck. LA Weekly once called him an ‘artist who will never sell out’. I respect the shit outta that!! 

I just wanted to share this because it reminds me of myself in a I-would-do-that kinda way. Not that I’m famous or that I would ever get invited to such a thing, but to keep it real and make it so that regular people could get an autograph or buy something – I think that’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Props to Nasty Neck and artists who refuse to shine shoes.  \m/