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Every Which Way But Loose: Remembering Denver the cow town

I shouldn’t be writing this – I really don’t have the time, but I’ve found that if I don’t write about something when inspiration calls, it quickly dissipates and is then lost for good. POOF! It evaporates into the ether and then I regret it. And this isn’t anything earth-shattering or even related to publishing, it’s just some thoughts I wanted to jot down about the Clint Eastwood film, Every Which Way But LooseContinue reading Every Which Way But Loose: Remembering Denver the cow town

Publishing books on the moon

I often wonder if I would be any more or less successful as a writer had I stayed in Denver. When I was there, I struggled for relevancy. Out here, in Florida, I struggle for existence. I wasn’t groomed as a writer, it all happened by accident, nor was I trained as publisher – that happened out of necessity. Once I began though, it became a challenge to find an audience. It’s funny to me that all these years later, that challenge still exists, and in some ways it is greater than it used to be.  Continue reading Publishing books on the moon

A case of the LatinX crabs and Gustavo Arellano

Ugh. So, on New Year’s Eve, I swore off internet drama (for the umpteenth time) and vowed to head into 2018 sucka free, but here I am again, asking for trouble. But I feel that I need to speak on this issue, if for nothing else, for my own peace of mind. Recently, I learned that writer, Gustavo Arellano (former editor of the OC Weekly), was hired by online Latino rag, Remezcla, as an editor, only to be fired by them a couple days later due to the threat of a boycott by a small group of hysterical people online. Naturally, I followed the story and instantly recognized the social media pitchforks and torches used, because they were used on me not too long ago. It’s always crazy how small the web is but I digress.  Continue reading A case of the LatinX crabs and Gustavo Arellano