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The tale Dicktown and counterfeit soul

I really don’t know how else to explain this so I’ll just give it to you as it happened. Some of you may remember that I published a collection of comic strips by artist Josh Divine back in 2013. It was called Josh Divine’s Ducktown. I say “some” because the book flopped miserably and despite numerous attempts to revive interest in the work, it never saw the recognition it deserved. It remains a sore spot for me and I keep it in print primarily out of spite, but also because I still have sliver of hope that one day Josh will get famous and people will seek out his book. But mostly it’s spite. Continue reading The tale Dicktown and counterfeit soul

It was a joke…

So, yesterday I stumbled upon a post talking about Barack Obama and his summer reading list. Apparently, he posted on Facebook about the five books he read over the summer. The first thing to pop into my mind was: I wonder what he read. So I went and looked. The second thing to pop into my head was: man, wouldn’t that be a trip if my book was on that list?! And then the third thing to pop into my head was: That would be a really funny joke to make it look like he read my book. Ha!  Continue reading It was a joke…

This was almost not fine

Here’s a comprehensive list of book title ideas that I considered for This Is Fine. One of the biggest things that delayed the book was choosing the right title. It kept me up nights and stressed me out. But after all the trouble I don’t know why worried about it so much – my footprint isn’t big enough to cause a controversy, so many of these would have been just fine. Maybe. I almost went with several of these…but ultimately decided that This Is Fine was the correct choice.  Continue reading This was almost not fine