If you go to poets dot org and type the word ‘Chicano’ into the search bar there, the results are dismal. Sure, a couple of names come back – just as you will find the same five or six names at each and every big box book store’s “Hispanic” section. This is, of course, a […]

Store-wide sale!

I’m having a store-wide sale on books I have in stock and ready to ship. Everything is discounted, including my new book. Take advantage of this sale and help support true independent publishing. Quantities are limited! First come first serve. Click here to check out the sale.  Books ship Priority Mail, include 2 free BSP […]

Updated: Help! Where do I find BSP books? A guide to navigating retail and bulk orders

It occurred to me, while unplugging and then re-plugging back into the matrix, that some of the stuff I take for granted about Broken Sword Publications might not be common knowledge to people, especially among new readers/fans, or those who may end up here just curious about what BSP is all about. Of course, I’m […]