You can’t go home no more and songs for old fools

I’ve found more solace, understanding, meaning, righteousness, inspiration, validation and a laundry list of other things, in music more often than I have in human beings. I know I’m not alone in this method of coping with this thing we call life, because it’s where things like blues and jazz come from. As a musician […]

No Mystery

Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium. You can Google that for more info on it but it’s an important event that often gets ignored and or distorted. It was also the anniversary of the murder of infamous Chicano journalist, Ruben Salazar. I only bring it up because I’ve written about it (as […]

Why publishing is so White and why what I do matters

Yesterday, I posted a graph on my Instagram from Publisher’s Weekly, to illustrate a point about what I do and why. The graph correlated with an article titled, Why Is Publishing So White? This is something I have written about extensively and also talked about over the years. But the charts are striking and illustrate the […]