BSP store moved to new site (yay!)


One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years is operating a web-based storefront. I often run into the problem of people wondering who/what/when/where and how to buy a book. It’s a pain and I often lose sales to the big online retailers. It’s been a tedious problem (my fault) over the years so I thank those of you who have put up with it but I’m improving things, which will hopefully make the process seamless.

Rather than try and integrate something into the main site here (which can be a real pain on WordPress!) I’ve decided to implement a Big Cartel site for all things sold. And without doing a huge commercial for them, so far, they’re great!

One of the things this will allow me to do is offer sales, discounts and also do pre-orders for people, (not to mention keep inventory!) So I’m excited about that. Actually, right now, I have several books on sale, including Lowriting for just $10!

If you haven’t already, please visit my Big Cartel site and have a look around. For all intents and purposes now, this is how you will buy books through BSP.

  • Alternatively, you can purchase our books through B&N, Amazon and many fine bookstores throughout the USA.
  • If you are a merchant and would like to buy in large quantities, our books are available throughIngram Distribution! 
  • If you do not see our books on your local bookstore or library shelf, please ask them to order them!
  • If you have any questions about our books or if you would like to order in bulk, please contact us here!

Anyway, I promise, the process is smooth. I still ship Priority Mail (USPS), a tad pricey but the shipment reaches you quickly, safely and you can track it.

Tell a friend about our new store as BSP books make great gifts! Thanks!!

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