BSP Podcast: The Pachuco Realities Mix (R.I.P. Oscar Grant)

I created this podcast on Wednesday, ‎June ‎29, ‎2011, almost seven months after Oscar Grant was murdered by BART Police officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, California. It was witnessed and captured on cell phone camera and justice was never served. Sound familiar?

It’s been six long years since Oscar Grant was killed. That seems like forever ago now and yet so little has changed. If anything, things are worse now and police in AmeriKKKa continue to get away with the lynching of Blacks and Chicanos. People are outraged but powerless to do anything about it. The rage that once boiled over now recedes in wait for the next viral video. This mix speaks to that rage that boils just under the surface of any Black or Brown community where cops patrol with impunity.

There was a lot going on in 2011 but the problems from then persist – Wall St., Hollywood, censorship, Washington, crooked cops, perpetual war, racism, inequality…America sings itself to sleep each night with a lullaby of nightmares and wakes each morning to another Groundhog Day. Welcome to 2015.

Making this mix was fun, reflecting on it, not so much but I’m glad I made it. I originally had this on my site back then but lost everything when I was hacked. Putting this up now is also a way for me to get my feet wet again with podcasting, which I’m eager to do.

This mix is an eclectic one with of samples and clips from Chicano cinema and songs and other stuff thrown in for good measure. There’s humor in there but there’s also darkness. There’s some real gems in here you won’t find on any other podcast, guaranteed!


When I found this mix the other night, I had forgotten that I included the audio of Oscar Grant’s murder on here, which may seem like no big deal now but I did so because I wasn’t sure at the time if the feds would delete those Youtube videos or not and I wanted to preserve a record of it just in case. It is chilling to listen to it. You can hear the exact moment Oscar Grant (R.I.P.) is murdered on here by Johannes Mehserle.

If anything this podcast is about resistance and self-determination, which so many have traded in for their 15 minutes. It is a reminder that the more things change the more they stay the same. It is also a reminder that we must do whatever we can to preserve the memory of our histories, lest we forget them in a rush to reach the next great hashtag…or allow someone else to either erase or change them.


Anyway, here’s the playlist. Take care and remember Oscar Grant. Enjoy the podcast and leave me some feedback below.

– Sarlos


Santo’s Sleepy Porkchop RealtiesEl Mero Mero
Tear Down That WallMistaChuck
You Can’t Handle the TruthCol. Nathan R. Jessep
Stolen At Gunpoint Tijuana No!
Mexican AmericansPedro De Pacas
Frijolero Molotov
Hollywood Drive-By Immortal Technique
They Want Us to Kill OurselvesFurious Styles
America’s NightmareC-Bo
The Murder of Oscar GrantOfficer Johannes Mehserle
Sound of Da Police KRS-One
Fuck You – Who’s Next?Clarence the Barber
Squeeze the Trigger Ice-T
Shut Up, Be HappyJello Biafra
Brothers Gonna Work It OutP.E.
Where Junkies ProwlJohn Hull
T.R.O.Y.Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Can You Dig It?Cyrus (the one and only)
RunningGil Scott-Heron
You Owe me Some Money MF?Tat
The VentBig K.R.I.T.
ObsoleteRod Serling

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