Book launching hiccups and a humble request from a doofus

Hi guys. Holy crap, what a week! If you would have told me that everything book launch-related would have blown up in my face this past week I would have been skeptical. Just about everything that could go wrong with a successful book launch has gone wrong and I am struggling to weather the storm and stay positive. It hasn’t been easy and that sucks because I’m excited about my new book and want you to be as well! Let’s rewind shall we?

I launched the new book on my birthday and decided that implementing a new web store on my site on the same day would be a good idea. Whoops. Not having experience doing this would prove to be my downfall. Previously, I used third party vendors to sell books directly and I wanted to see if I could pull it off own my own…turns out I can’t, at least not without massive headache.

Soooo many things went wrong this week, from having the entire site go down several times and reinstalling it from scratch, to arguing with PayPal for several days in a row while beating my head against the wall because their customer service sucks. Not to mention that Amazon received their copies of the new book before me.

A friend of mine joked about the irony of the cover of my new book while all of this was going down…this is fine. Ha!

One thing after another went wrong until I ultimately decided to tap out, scrap the whole idea and go back to using a third party site to sell books direct. I am going to stick with Big Cartel to sell books direct. If you haven’t visited my Big Cartel store, please go and have a look. I have all BSP books available there now and revamped a couple of things as well.

My whole intent with this entire episode was to make it easier for you to buy books! I probably should have tried these things before launching a book. D’oh! Live and learn.

So, dear reader I am asking you for a do-over. I screwed up royally and would like to hit the do-over button please. This was not the way I intended to launch the new book! I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused and appreciate all of your patience as I worked through everything. Seriously, you guys rock. This was not fun, not good for business and I feel like a total doofus. :/

Moving forward, please buy BSP books at the BSP store or on our Amazon store.

If you buy This Is Fine on our Big Cartel store, I will sign it and include 2 free original bookmarks! Seriously, go buy the book! Help support your loco publisher and help me with a re-launch of the new book.

Also! If you have any kind of press connections, if you blog or review books, if you at all have any kind of press clout when it comes to books, authors, Chicano poets etc. Hit me up! I need your support! Marketing poetry is not easy! But I’m confident enough in my work that I know it’s just a matter of getting it in front of people. Help me do that.

If you have any questions about ordering please do not hesitate to ask. Again, sorry for the screw ups. This is fine…






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