A quick note about holiday orders


Hi gang, I just wanted to post a quick update about holiday orders. Normally, as a P.O.D. press, I don’t keep much stock on hand. When you order direct, unless specified, the order ships from the printer. I use Ingram for distribution and printing and they are generally great, but they slow down to a snail’s pace during the holidays, which sucks. Typically, printers are scrambling to meet holiday demand and printing times are longer than usual. This is a drag because it means orders take longer to process and complete.

Normally, it takes only two business days to print a book but during the holiday rush, it can take between 10 to 14 days just to print a book! Ugh. Combine this with the normal amount of time that Media Mail takes to ship and well, you see my dilemma. 🙁 This is, unfortunately, out of my control. I try to be as upfront as I can about this stuff so that’s why I’m filling you in. Here’s Ingram’s official statement on holiday orders:

**Due to peak season volume, we expect turn-around time for orders placed on the website to increase beginning November 24th. As a reminder, our recommended last order dates for holiday deliveries are November 24th for hardcover and December 1st for paperback.**

I am keeping my fingers crossed that things return to normal soon and I will update you when they do. Just know that, if you’re ordering direct, there will be a slight delay in your order. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you are in a rush, I would urge you to order from Amazon or B&N until things return to normal.

I will plan better in the future to keep more stock on hand, as well as warn in advance of this yearly delay, in an attempt to minimize this occurrence.

Thank you for your patience.

By the way, I do have a few copies of This Is Fine in stock and ready to ship!

Don’t wait and order yours today!


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