The man who wasn’t there

It’s remarkable how quiet the world gets when you shut off all of your social media. Really. Try it sometime – you’ll be shocked at the silence. Or maybe you won’t, but I am. It’s eerie almost. Suddenly, the world is not ending one Tweet at a time. The dust settles. The smoke dissipates. The cacophony becomes calm. The constant chaos ceases and you discover all the time you need to do all those things you complain about not doing online – weird how that works.

I doubt many have noticed but I disengaged. I unplugged. I cut the cord. I took the red pill. I left the cave. I have taken my ball and gone home. The truth is I haven’t been “there” for some time now, only intermittently, and without going into a long diatribe, things shifted online in the past couple of years so much so that this departure has been coming on for some time now.

It feels foolish to even type this out, but it is a strange sensation to not look at any social media for a full 24-hours. Being disconnected feels odd, as if you’re missing something, but the sun rises the next day and you move on; the nagging sensation to pick up your phone again and jack into the matrix ever-present.  I wish I could tell you it wanes, it does not.

Honestly, I loathe writing these “Dear John” things. They’re not my style because they feel melodramatic, unnecessary and lame. That said, I feel as if I need to say that I am using this time for a specific purpose and not to be dramatic; if only to explain to those interested in my work and or my “content,” that I am using this break to finish my book, nothing more, nothing less.

So, there it is. I’m no longer on social media, for the foreseeable future. The accounts still exist but I am not there. Instead I am using this time to finish my book and I may return if and when I finish it.

You may see this post (and maybe others) linked on my accounts – just know that Wordpress puts them there automatically. I’m not logging in any more and will not be responding there, to anything, until I’m done with this this goddamn monstrosity of literature. Who knows how long that will be? Weeks, months? I can’t say, just know that that’s what I’m up to and it’ll be done when it’s done and no sooner. I need to focus.

That’s it. Yeah. Big deal, right? Right. If, for some reason, you do need to get a hold of me then you probably already know how. For everyone else, I’ll talk to you when the book’s finished.

Until then.


  • Xicano X Reply

    Had to disengage too. Partially to get work done but also because I didn’t really want to read anything about the current administration. Stopped listening to NPR in the mornings also. Once I stopped checking social media I didn’t really get that nagging feeling to log on and look at anything. Now that I’m back on (and off) I don’t really care much for it. When I do log on I tend to just post and not look at the timeline to see what anyone else is posting. Possibly because on Twitter I hardly see anyone posting anymore and kinda like you mentioned the internet and really social media sometimes feels like a miserable place. Of course I blame the misery found on the internet, on the current admin lol. Only thing I miss about Twitter is the friends I made, who no longer use twitter or don’t use it as much. The number of those who still use it dwindled down after I logged back on, after a few months I think. Kinda makes me wish we could’ve had some type of in-person gathering of Twitter friends so we could all keep in touch post-Twitter/social media. Good luck on the new book, looking forward to reading it.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      For me, once things became “the donald trump show 24/7” I knew it was time to check out, at least for a while. It’s funny how much times frees up! Like you, for a while there, I’d just log in and post something and not look at the timeline. I kinda miss doing that – just posting dumb shit. But I started to question why I was going on these long ass diatribes on Twitter instead of collecting those thoughts and putting them here, or in a book. Seems like a waste on twitter. Personally, I think we saw the “golden era” of social media pass already. It was pretty fun though for a while! I think we saw Chicano twitter at its peak. And I feel you on the gathering thing. It makes me think of a giant house party, 90s style, with everyone there…that would be wild. Let’s shoot for coffee one day. Great to hear from you, bro. Hope you are well. I always keep an eye on your blog in case you update it – always a pleasure reading it.

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