The end of YouTube and the death of free speech on the Web: welcome to The Machine


Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is being distracted, simultaneously, while more sinister things occur quietly in the background? Or that maybe the real enemy is not who the media tells you it is, but rather the media itself. I looked up the definition of schizophrenia the other day and it shocked me. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like people on social media to me…or maybe I’m the schizo! Ha! But that brings me to my point:

It’s no accident that all of the social media companies have grown into authoritarian Wall Street behemoths, nor is it an accident that they control almost all communication online now, and they are about to change everything…again.

Question: Who controls the web..?

The government? Nope. Oh, that’s right, Google does!

Forget net neutrality, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. run the show. They decide what flies and they will now be telling you what to think from atop their Ministry of Truth tower.


Oh, I’m sorry, do you have a dissenting opinion that differs from the current politically correct group-think Gestapo? Too bad. Google is now officially the The Thought Police and you’re on their shit list.

Recently, Google released a chilling editorial detailing their plans to “fight terrorism online.” The article is right out of 1984 when you consider its implications.

For years now, many have fought to control speech, and many would have no problem with giving the government authority over what constitutes “hate speech.” None have succeeded here…yet. So, what is the next best thing to “hate speech” laws? Giving control and authority over speech to those who control the flow of information online, aka the Technocracy.

It turns out, we have less to worry about from the government, than we do those who control the flow of information, and we long ago handed over the keys to the kingdom to the technocrats. And because we have become so dependent on these companies for communication, we are seemingly at their mercy.

Not long ago, I left Twitter because it has become a toxic waste dump filled with, well, filled with schizophrenic authoritarians, the thought police and ads. I found myself on YouTube, and for a while it was great – lots of free-thinkers on there. Many people flocked to YouTube to create independent content as an alternative to corporate media, because, unless you live under a rock, corporate media is dead.

However, corporate media noticed, and so did their advertisers. And as the corporate media continues to sink into obscurity, more people are turning to alternative media and much of that is on YouTube.

In an attempt to curb this trend and appease their corporate masters, YouTube started “demonetizing” videos which they deemed “not advertiser friendly.” Basically, anything considered controversial, “hateful,” extreme etc. lost the ability to make any money with ads. The thing is, they decide what’s hateful and what’s not. You have no recourse.

This upset many people and crippled their ability to make money via ads on YouTube. The solution? Patreon. However that only lasted so long as Patreon started doing the same thing as YouTube and started deleting people who they considered “evil.”

If these companies are starting to sound like the bible beating religious right from yesteryear then you are starting to get a clue.

Google is now escalating things and will be policing thought from here on out, making sure you cannot and will not find anything they think might be bad for you. They do not trust you, as a free thinking adult, to choose what is good/bad for you. They are in control. Do not think, obey.

Of course, they are dressing this issue up as “fighting terrorism” but what they really mean by all of this is that they will dictate what is offensive and what is not. They will decide what is moral. They will decide what can make money. They will decide what is good and what is evil.

All drop to your knees and praise the all-knowing, altruistic and one true god: Google, Inc! Hallelujah!


Papa Google knows best, after all.

“This allows us to benefit from the expertise of specialised organisations working on issues like hate speech, self-harm, and terrorism. We will also expand our work with counter-extremist groups to help identify content that may be being used to radicalise and recruit extremists.”

It is already illegal in many other countries around the world (ones many consider “enlightened”), to use these mediums for “hate speech.” In the UK, for example, there is a special police task force who will break your door down and throw you in jail for expressing hate online.

And since they cannot do that here, in the U.S., they are doing the next best thing: silencing you online and making you police your own thoughts.

And just who will Google be using to help them identify all this extreme content you ask? Well, look no further than the Anti-defamation League, who’s greatest hits include claiming a cartoon frog meme as an official “hate symbol.” Thanks, Hillary.

Yeah, I’m sure Google’s new Ministry of Truth will be totally unbiased…

“Third, we will be taking a tougher stance on videos that do not clearly violate our policies — for example, videos that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. In future these will appear behind an interstitial warning and they will not be monetised, recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements. That means these videos will have less engagement and be harder to find.”

That’s right, folks, even content which DOES NOT violate their policies will be censored. Let that sink in.

You don’t even have to violate Google’s rules to be targeted for silencing. You just have to have an opinion that differs from the hive mind. I’m sorry, who’s Tube again?!

If any of this sounds creepy, Orwellian and flat out insane to you that’s because it is. If this sounds hyperbolic then you’re not paying attention. And if you don’t think any of this affects you, you’re dead wrong.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you create a video on YouTube that criticizes X. It gets flagged by someone or Google’s new “hate” algorithm or by one of their “experts.” Under these new guidelines, your video would be considered “hate speech,” and you would find your video either deleted or buried so deep that no one ever sees it. Further, if you push back against this, Google can close your account, which, if you’re like most people, means you will lose your e-mail account as well. Want to rally the troops online via social media justice? You can’t…

“We have also recently committed to working with industry colleagues—including Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter—to establish an international forum to share and develop technology and support smaller companies and accelerate our joint efforts to tackle terrorism online.”

They are all collectively working together to make sure that we either OBEY, CONSUME and SLEEP or we will be silenced.

There’s a word for this kind of thing:

We were warned about this, for years actually. Back when companies like Google and Facebook were in their infancy, people balked at the idea of them becoming too powerful. Well, here we are – we live under a technocracy now. And for all the hysteria about this administration, I am not afraid Trump. I am afraid of Google.

People aren’t balking any more though, they’re still asleep and cannot be bothered when you mention this kind of stuff because they don’t think it affects them. The issue is too big now. They have their wires into almost everything these days. And people are too distracted with whatever the media force feeds them in their daily diet of outrage to care that we no longer have any kind of freedom of thought online.

The web is dead.

Despite what you might think, the real enemy these days is likely in the palm of your hands, right now, as you read this. It has become something most cannot fathom living without, making it all the more easy to control us with. It has been a been a slow process – this addiction and the installation of The Ministry of Truth – but it’s finally here and the web will no longer be the same moving forward.

Still don’t think it affects you? Be patient. It will.

For years now I have asked: what’s next? What comes after Twitter, Facebook? What comes after Google? And there’s never any answer. That speaks volumes alone. For me it’s always back to where I started: in print.

My only solace to any of this is that I began in print, making chapbooks by hand, eons before the web really took off. I know what it is like to operate without the use of social media – many do not. There is a reason I never ventured into digital books.

I have long-held that when push comes to shove, and it has, print will be revolutionary. I will continue in print – that is my resistance.

Thanks for reading.


  • Vinny Reply

    I’m convinced we need 5 billion people to die in the upcoming ice age. Stocking up on canned beans cuz fuck this shit.

    • Frank S Lechuga Reply

      Dang, Vinny! That’s dire!

  • Frank S Lechuga Reply

    Curse of the SJWs. What irony.

  • PKC Reply

    Ironic that book burning should be harder now than cleansing the web. Books that disperse widely will live on while websites rise and fall.

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