Review: We Are Still Here

I watched ‘We Are Still Here,’ from Dark Sky films recently. It was mediocre at best. I’d been wanting to see it as it was hyped by some as a homage to the gore and splatter of Italian master Lucio Fulci. Plus, it was produced by the same people that did ‘The House of the Devil’ and ‘Starry […]

R.I.P. Geoffrey Lewis

Geoffrey Lewis died early this year, in April I believe, but I don’t think that many people noticed because he was not a mainstream actor. I noticed because I remember him fondly from a few of my favorite films, including Salem’s Lot (1979).

Review: V/H/S: Viral

I enjoyed V/H/S: Viral (2014) quite a bit. I am surprised that people hate it so much. It has a ton of negative reviews, which is bizarre considering it’s not that dissimilar from the first and second films. Granted, I wasn’t looking for a masterpiece, I was looking for more V/H/S and this delivered. I […]