Lowriders: staying in your lane for another decade

Lowriding is in the news again, thanks to a new film about the cars and culture, which has the unbelievably dull title, “Lowriders.” Still, the film is seeing its fair share of national press and interestingly enough, because the film is being reviewed, the word “Chicano” is also part of the discussion, though not by […]

Lowriting at Lit Crawl L.A.

Lowriting photographer, Art Meza, aka @Chicano_Soul, will be at Lit Crawl L.A. on Wednesday 10/26 representing BSP with copies of his book. Make sure to stop by to meet him and get your book signed! Full details at: litcrawlla.org Support independent publishing!

The Great Lowriting Review Campaign

Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul by Art Meza, aka @Chicano_Soul, has achieved some amazing milestones in its two years of publication, including but not limited to, being taught in several universities, celebrity and political endorsements and worldwide recognition. From East L.A. to Australia, Lowriting is known, but one thing has remained elusive during […]

Why publishing is so White and why what I do matters

Yesterday, I posted a graph on my Instagram from Publisher’s Weekly, to illustrate a point about what I do and why. The graph correlated with an article titled, Why Is Publishing So White? This is something I have written about extensively and also talked about over the years. But the charts are striking and illustrate the […]

#FuckCancer needs your support

Making books is never easy and I always feel like I sacrifice some “life” in order to create one. Each book is different and I always pour myself into them completely, mind, body and soul. And always heart! I find that each book ages me a little bit. I look into the mirror when they’re […]