So long, Facebook, it’s been good to know you…

FB image by BSP.
FB image by BSP.

“I’ve got to be rolling along…” Woody Guthrie

So, I have taken the plunge (thanks for the nudge, Paul!) and deleted my Facebook page. Why? I believe it outlived its usefulness a long time ago.  Truth be told, I have wanted to get rid of FB for a long time but the one thing that always kept me there was my business.

The way I rationalized it in my head was that if I did not have a FB page my business would suffer. And that might have been true at one time but I don’t believe it is any longer.

As many people know, FB is…different, especially when it comes to business.  You either have thousands of followers or you have a few and struggle to keep people’s interest without them tuning out after a while. It’s an uphill battle that is riddled with, dare I say it, lots of stupidity.

Why FB suffers from this more than any other medium is anyone’s guess.

I came to FB from LiveJournal and I started off with a simple “fan” page until I learned (years later) that no one was seeing my posts and that they wouldn’t unless I paid to get more visibility.  I was not willing to do that and decided to make my personal page into my “business” page.

This meant several things (censorship anyone?) and essentially “sterilized” my account.  But even at that, I loathed logging in and cringed when I saw notifications light up my phone.  It became a chore, which in all honesty, defeats the purpose. I mean, you’re supposed to be keeping in touch with family and friends, right? Right.

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I have not shared any personal information there in years tried my best to keep it “strictly business” but have found myself getting lost in the negative vortex that is Facebook time and again. The friends that I will miss there have my contact info and vice versa, so no harm, no foul.

Anyway, this is purely a business decision and one that might come back to bite me in the ass, who knows? But I’m willing to take that risk.

I feel strongly that many people (not just anti-mainstream me) are moving beyond FB into other areas of communication, and that’s a good thing. I have long been an advocate of social media as a way of using guerrilla marketing for indie publishing and FB definitely served its purpose.

It’s time to move on to bigger and better things and bigger and better books. As always, I’m available here, email, various other forms of social media and in the flesh.

So long, Facebook! I’ve got to be moving along.

Thanks for reading.

– S|J|R


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