Punching Nazis, the resistance and why you’re all full of shit

Growing up, I never once in my mind believed that random white people were going to step in and prevent me from getting my ass kicked by bigots, or shield me from racial epithets, or have my back when shit got real with racist cops. My entire life, of which I’m coming up on the long stretch of, that’s never happened – not once. So, it’s puzzling to me to see so many white folks profess to be these seething, take no shit, cape wearing, ready to stomp ass “anti-racists” these days and I’m struggling to understand what, exactly, that means, if anything. My guess is nada.

I say this as a person who has fought with real live racists many times over the years. I’ve been called racial epithets before, to my face (see: not online), and responded in kind, often with violence. The first time I got called a “beaner” I was about 8 years old. Things were never the same after that.

Let me rewind for a second…I’m talking, of course, about this new trend (circa 2017) of so-called progressive people (who are mostly white and affluent), thumping their chests and declaring themselves to be anti-bigots with super hero costumes, who are willing to literally “punch nazis” in order to fight racism etc. etc. You know who I’m talking about; the “resistance” and this loosely knit group of so-called anarchists, communists and “anti-fascists” who take to the streets in pajamas and bike helmets.

You’ve seen them, no doubt online or at a college protest, screaming about racism and other isms and declaring jihad on all who oppose them, lest they ignite the Fourth Reich. They’re fond of assaulting trash cans, sucker punching women and hitting unsuspecting people over the head with bike locks and then scurrying away to their parent’s basements.

And yet, though they are loud and persistent with their self-righteous message, I question both their motives and their commitment because not once, in my lifetime, has anyone like this ever stepped in when I was being attacked by bigots and racists. Nor have I witnessed that ever happening to anyone else. Nor do I believe any of these people have my back. It doesn’t give me the “warm fuzzies” to see people declare themselves “the resistance.”

So you’ll excuse me if I call bullshit whenever I see these people screeching online about “Nazis” or participating in live action role-playing at a college campus near you.

Excuse my French, but they’re full of shit.

I grew up in the city (cue Joe Walsh), and went without incident until we moved to the suburbs of an affluent college town in the mountains, where the oh-so-enlightened hippies lived – we’ll call it “Boulder.” It was there, in a so-called “liberal mecca,” in a student housing building, that a couple of grimy white kids first shouted in my face that I was a dirty “beaner” and a “wetback.”

This pattern continued throughout my childhood until I found myself in high school, several fist fights later, face to face with bona fide neo-nazi skinheads, which were a thing when I was younger.

See, you didn’t have to guess who the “nazis” were back then because they had no problem showing you, up close and personal. They weren’t shy about it and they were everywhere back then. They wore a uniform as well, which allowed you to easily identify them as….wait for it…Nazis! The uniform generally consisted of shaved heads, steel-toed boots with white or red laces, red suspenders, and flight jackets of the army green and black variety. Oh, and swastikas. Lots and lots of swastikas.

Truth be told, I had no problem “punching a nazi” back then because you didn’t have a choice – they would likely be trying to punch you first. Go figure.

I have to tell you, dear reader, that it makes me laugh my ass off to see people freaking out these days over run of the mill conservatives in Donald Trump hats, assembling in public and holding American flags. These are the people accused of being today’s “Nazis.” Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Here’s a tip: they’re not. I know this because I fought with real neo-nazis for close to a decade. Contrary to hysteria online, the dipshits in the “MAGA” hats are not them. Oh, you might have a couple of bigots in there, but for the most part, no. Sorry to disappoint you.

Let me also tell you, dear reader, that at no time during that period of my youth did any random “anti-racists” have my back. Not once. There were no throngs of skinny, self-professed “anti-racist,” rich kids, clad in black and face masks, with bike locks and shields to be found.

No, I was always left to defend myself against skinheads and others. Most of the time, you were either left to defend yourself alone or with your homies, and so we learned to band together against them. The “gangs” of that era, which saw so much negative press over the years, were sometimes a response to threats and violence from racist skinheads…because racist skinhead gangs used to be a real thing.

I also want you to know, dear reader, that the media is culpable in this era of sensationalizing the nazi thing because they know it gets eyes and ears to their websites. They are full of shit as well and are supposed to know better. But this is the era of “fake news” and even though it’s fake, it still sells and so they media pretends we’re all living through the Blitzkrieg.

When I see people talking about getting together and “punching the nazis,” or the media debating it, I conjure images in my head like this:

Because when I grew up, that’s what they looked like and they would give you a good reason to punch them.

And then I discover it’s actually a group of dildos who are members of a young republicans club, or a bunch of over the hill weekend warrior “bikers” or old men with American flags, and  I laugh. I’m sorry to break it you kids, but these are not Nazis:

Can you see the difference? If your answer is ‘no’ you’re an idiot.


I’ll never forget the female skinhead in high school who wanted to kick my ass, literally. Half of her head was shaved and she wore the typical uniform. She was mean as a sting bat and just an overall a nasty and angry person, hellbent on being the best neo-nazi should could be, and she had absolutely no problem fighting men. It didn’t help that she also had a hulking, meathead, Nazi skinhead boyfriend. I make no exaggeration when I say that she was exactly like Fairuza Balk’s character in American History X:

One day, after school, she confronted me and my girlfriend in the hallway and wanted to fight…both of us. I had no response to this as it was awkward having a woman try and fight me. Spoiler: I refused (how sexist of me!); but that occurrence stuck with me over the years, as have others. We walked away unscathed that day, save for the racial epithets thrown at us, but that girl and her boyfriend eventually got theirs. That’s just how it was back then and no one documented it for “the gram” or for YouTube – we just dealt with it.

Instances like that were common and so were fights, but we always handled them ourselves because there was no one else to help, least of all a bunch of anorexic anarchists or the “resistance,” which is reminiscent of your local PTA.

The cops weren’t on our side. The teachers weren’t on our side. The community wasn’t on our side. The media wasn’t on our side. And so we had to watch out for each other. We had our own backs and we dealt with this shit on our own, because it was either that or get your ass kicked.

I often tell people that I went to high school with the kind of bullies Stephen King writes about in his books, and I mean it. People like “Buddy Repperton” and “John “Ace” Merrill” were extremely easy to relate to as far as my high school experience goes because I knew people like that, they just had Doc Martins on and shaved heads.

Flash forward to today and I am yet to find a single instance of an “anti-racist” stepping in and preventing the beat down of some poor, downtrodden colored folk by the kind of characters portrayed in Higher Learning.


If you want to know why films like American History X and Higher Learning were made, as well as popular, it’s because that’s how shit was. Scenes like the one where Fudge and his crew go toe to toe against Remmy and they neo-nazis is something I can relate to from personal experience!

Seeing some chickenshit mace an old man because he voted for Trump is not.

Mostly, I see these kids today banding together at college campuses and sucker punching old people, women and run of the mill conservative dildos. How brave!

So I have to ask, if there’s so many white folks committed to being “anti-racist” these days, what exactly does that mean and why does it feel like you pinning a safety-pin to your shirt is so goddamn hollow? Because, honestly, I still don’t feel like any of them would have my back if shit got real. They never have before, so why would they start today..?

Part of being a “stranger in a strange land,” (a running narrative for me) includes the aforementioned outsider status that I carried throughout my youth. We couldn’t rely on the mainstream to watch our back against violent skinheads and I don’t believe anything has changed, despite popular sentiment online to “resist.” Never mind the fact that those kinds of gangs have shrunk to minuscule numbers. Many of the skinheads from that era wised up and went into the military and or became cops…but that’s a whole other topic.

What I do believe is that most of these people are posturing, pretending and thumping their chests for social media points and pats on the back for being “good” people, because they have to invent problems to resist against now. They remind me of the characters in Chuck Palaniuk’s Fight Club, who are so apathetic and bored with life they have to resort to beating each other up in order to spice things up.

I also believe that these people are cherry picking their targets. It’s easy to dress up and hide your face and sucker punch some dumbass in a red hat, but I have yet to see these types go after real neo-Nazis. I won’t hold my breath because I know they’re not about that life and the press is content to ignore reality and print hyperbole as fact.

I wrote about this before but it bears repeating: I do not expect any of the “social justice” crowd to do much of anything when it comes to Mexicans (or Chicanos), despite their chest thumping. Already we have seen an uptick in deportations; have any of these people stepped in to prevent this? No. Why? Because they’re all talk and they cherry pick their politics to make themselves look good, nothing more.

Oh, sure, they might yell about “No wall!” online or at a rally, but when the shit hits the fan they will be safely tucked behind their safe spaces while reality carries on and those most affected are left to fend for themselves. Same as it always was.

It’s easy to stand in the middle of the highway or at the airport with signs and cellphones and fuck with daily commuters but it’s hard work to confront the armed militia groups or the cops who routinely patrol the border. I do not expect any of these soft-ass, bubblegum kids or any of the “resistance” to link arms and chain themselves to the border, but I digress.

My point is this: I’m calling bullshit on your chest thumping. I’m calling you a fraud and faker when it comes to being an “anti-racist” and a tough guy/gal. I’m calling bullshit on you punching “Nazis” and your “resistance” movement. I think you’re a bunch of butthurt, wack ass, nerds who are playing a live action role playing game for kicks and cherry picking your opponents because you have too much time on your hands.

I don’t feel any camaraderie with you because there isn’t any; you’re all talk. I’ve seen your type before.

It’s bizarre to me, that when I was a kid, it was white neo-nazis who would sucker punch people they disagreed with and now it’s white progressives who are sucker punching people they disagree with. Call me crazy, but I think both groups have more in common than they realize.

Should the day ever come when you’re actually sticking your neck out for ordinary people, who are being attacked by actual violent bigots, and putting in work in the communities you profess to want to protect, give me a call. Until then, enjoy your role playing game, kids.

The rest of us have to fend for ourselves.

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