New Book! Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul by Art Meza

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Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul by Art Meza is finally here! I received my proof copy today in the mail and expect the book to hit retail (Barnes & Noble, Amazon) this week. I will be selling the book direct as soon as I get copies in and will update here when I do!

Lowriting features the iconic lowrider photography of Los Angeles photographer, Art Meza (@Chicano_Soul) and stories/poetry from over 30 authors including award winning authors Luis J. Rodriguez and Luis Alberto Urrea.

Lowriting also has original artwork by ‘Bordertown’s’ Lalo Alcaraz, and Oakland’s Angel Diaz in addition to spot illustrations from artist Josh Divine, creator of Ducktown.

The gorgeous book cover was designed by Emilio R. Medina of muyCreative and features model Mayra Ramirez aka “Hellabreezy” on the back.

Lowriting is nearly 300 pages and full color!

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From the back cover:

“Take a little trip into the world of Lowriting. Cruise through the streets where sparks on asphalt fly, oldies are forever and tales of love, lust and the law will tempt you. These are the stories behind the cars and people who love them.

Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul puts the iconic images of Los Angeles based photographer Art Meza with stories from some of the most chingón voices in the literary world today.

Lowriting collects over 50 of Meza’s stunning photos and pairs them with stories, artwork and poetry from Luis J. Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Urrea, Lalo Alcaraz, Gustavo Arellano and Alvaro Rodriguez (cowriter of Machete). Lowriting also has contributions from actors Danny De La Paz (Boulevard Nights, American Me) and Daniel Villarreal (Stand and Deliver, American Me) as well as many more from all over Aztlán.

These are the shots, rides & stories from the Chicano soul! This is Lowriting.”

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I was reminded recently that each book has a destiny its own also a life of its own. That could not be more true than with Lowriting. The way this book came together is pretty incredible. Just wait until you look over the table of contents – it’s amazing.

I’m extremely proud of this book. It marks Broken Sword Publication’s sixth title! I am also proud to continue to provide the literary world with true alternative media.

It is my hope that you continue to support indie press and give this book (as well as others like it) a chance. Lowriting is one of a kind, I promise you that. It’s well worth the cover charge and I think it will break new barriers.

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It’s time for us to tell our own stories on our own terms. It’s time for shots, rides & stories from the Chicana/o soul.

It’s time for Lowriting.

If you are interested in carrying Lowriting please let me know! If you are interested in interviews or press, please contact me. I would love to get Lowriting into as many libraries, schools and retail stores as possible. The book is available through big channel distribution (Ingram)!

– S|J|R


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