New art, new books, the blogging dilemma and “deep” thoughts moving forward


Hi. How are you? How’s things? What’s new? These are questions that almost never occur on social media any more because social media sucks now and is anything but social…so I’ll ask them here. Feel free to tell me how you’re doing or get re-acquainted in the comments below. More on that in a bit.

I have to tell you – I constantly go back and forth with deciding on if I should post personal stuff here. And by “personal stuff,” I mean just regular old blogs, like I used to do all the time on Live Journal. Oh, how I’ve lamented the loss of LJ over the years…

Some days I figure: sure, why not? Then the next day I’ll think: nope. Keep it strictly business. And then I change my mind all over again. It’s dumb. It’s maddening and I realize, that for the amount of people who actually visit this site, I’m over thinking it. But what else is new?

Blogging is dead, right? But who cares what they say. To be honest, I miss reading blogs by friends and colleagues who don’t do it any more. We’ve all been reduced to 140 characters or less, like (and dislike) buttons and selfies. Ugh.

Anyway, seeing as how I’ve whittled my social media down to just a few key things, I’ll probably blog here with just “stuff” on a more regular basis and maybe not keep it so business-y. What do you think? I’m open to your thoughts.

I will say this: as a freelance writer and author, there are scant few places to write about non-book related things these days. Most of that kind of stuff I would put on Tumblr or Facebook and keep it off of here, but I stopped doing that because no one reads anything on Tumblr. Tumblr is for pretty pictures, arguments and ads, but I digress…besides, there’s no more Tumblr (or Fb) to speak of.

Should I post satire stuff here? Or op-ed pieces? Film reviews? Would you read it? I started another blog for reviewing vinyl and horror films, books etc., but am struggling to find an audience for it. Why? Do I really need a separate blog for that or should I just post all that stuff here? You see my dilemma.

It seems easier to just simplify things and roll with it, especially when I’m the only one keeping score. It’s difficult to keep things “strictly business” when you have diarrhea of the mind and hand and boy do I love to write. If you have any interest, check out that blog here but I will most likely start posting those articles here, because why not?

One thing I noticed when getting rid of my personal social media accounts, is that some people whom I thought were into the books I published and or my writing, did not follow me over to my book account. Nor do they visit here. Strange, I thought…but very telling.

So, then, I wondered: Why were these people following me? Were they following me for my wit alone? My crass humor? Good looks? (HA!) Were they spies?! More than likely, they were keen on the drama that would follow me around for a time…but whatever the reason, it was not for the writing, which is good to know. A bummer, but good to know.

Meanwhile, on social media

And I’ll admit, that with some people, it was a surprise when they showed no interest…but c’est la vie. After all, it’s only social media.

During my quickening (that’s a Highlander reference and not a pregnancy one, just in case you’re a rube), I’ve said that I often feel like I’m going backwards with this whole process. I also said that I’m okay with that. Easy come, easy go. I started carving the social media I have left to strictly personal interests and or actual friends. Anything beyond that feels hollow now and fake.

My follower count suffers, of course, because I’m not adding people I have no interest in like crazy, in the hopes that they add me back…or as The Dead Milkmen would say: I’ve got to get my numbers up! No more.

I’m not worried about the numbers game any more. Not that I ever was but these days, if you’re not out there like a broker on Wall St., furiously honing your “image” and trading followers for likes and likes for comments and comments for….blah.  Well, then you’re not playing the game right and that’s what it is these days, a game.

And I realize this goes against all the conventional advice that people give authors these days but nuts to that. I was never conventional anything.

I have no interest in “the game” now. I’d rather just focus on my writing, my art, my books and connect with people who have a genuine interest in what I’m doing and vice versa. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So, I’ve been writing again and working on my next book, which will be my third. I’m planning on releasing it sometime next year. I’ve collected a ton of material for this one over the past few years and it might end up being two books instead of just one. Or maybe a huge single book, we’ll see.

I’m planning on publishing many of the essays I’ve written over the past few years in a single collection. Many of them are satire but some are political and social commentary – there’s some film stuff in there too. There’s also a ton of poetry. There might be enough to make a strictly poetry book but again, we’ll see.

Some of the material has been previously published in anthologies but most of it has never before been read. I also have a large collection of my artwork, which I plan to release also. So there are lots of things on the horizon, the problem is finding the time to dedicate to them. I have some short stories under my wing as well, dark stuff at that…yeah!

Anyway, here’s some new artwork I created out of material I’m writing for the new book. I wanted a visual representation to show people because sometimes just presenting text doesn’t get people’s attention as much. The response so far has been good.

A friend asked me if there is a fear and loathing of “social media” theme in the next book and my reply was: definitely.

Have a look, share your thoughts and as always, thanks for reading.



  • PKCox Reply

    I’m all for reading anything you think important enough to blog about. I love books, art and music, and while I don’t read too many political blogs, I’m enough of a fan of your social media comments to know you’d be interesting there too. I started following Broken Sword Publishing when I saw you on a C-Span panel in Tucson discussing “Ban This” . So I say write whatever you want and I’m sure we’ll find it interesting. By the way, I just read a few of your reviews on “Blood on Wax” and your review of “It Follows” was intriguing. I am seriously freaked out by horror- you want to look away but can’t! So I just signed up for that blog, too. Thanks, and I am looking forward to your book next year.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and your support! I plan to take your advice and just roll with it. It you watch It Follows, let me know what you think! Always great to hear from you. 😀

      • PKC Reply

        Just looking at the preview for “It Follows” had me seriously freaked out. I may get brave enough to see it one day, as your review peaked my curiosity in the movie. I’ll let you know if I do see it! I love that you’re going to roll with whatever you like in this blog- I’m with Steve: if you’re writing it, I’m reading it!
        Thanks for always being interesting!

        • Sarlos Cantana Reply

          It’s a great film. Quentin Tarantino didn’t like it but I think he’s way off. And thank you! It’s liberating to not really worry about it – I appreciate your readership! 😀

  • Steve Alvarez Reply

    If you’re writing it, I’m reading it. That simple. I’m just about to go over the cliff on the FB thing myself. I tell myself I’m promoting gigs, sharing funnies, whatnot; but it can actually be pretty stressful and some of the drama spills over into the real world. For some reason I feel freer to let my freak-flag fly on Los Tweeters, but I’m probably just fooling myself there too. Dilemna, that.

    • Sarlos Cantana Reply

      Thanks, bro! I feel you on the Fb thing. I’ve debated going back but never have – don’t miss it. Waaaay too much drama and BS there to make it worth it for me. And for what it’s worth, I dig your posts on IG and Twitter. Thanks for reading, dude! m/

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