New Amazon ‘author’ page, reviews wanted and censored artwork


It’s taken me 10 years but I finally have an Amazon Author Page. You can follow me over there – I’m not sure how that works yet but let me know if you do. It has all of my books in one central location, which is great!

Over the years, people criticized selling books on Amazon. I understand the criticism but it largely comes from people who have no clue about what I do. Criticism is easy when you no idea what you’re talking about – just ask the Internet. And while Amazon has done questionable stuff over the years, it’s still the best place to get visibility and sell books to the general public with ease. At least, as an indie/underground publisher it is. So yeah, I’m proud to have an author page there.

I struggled to get everything grouped together in one place, with the ability to sell and ship it all (with relatively low-cost) for years. But Amazon tweaked a few things and now everything is there and available to buy/recommend and review at the click of a button. I dig that!

I also dig that I can put up a bio, a pic and link my blog. I can also add video, if I am so inclined and put a link to my author page under books I have written, edited and published. So, go check it out and pick up a book or two (you may not have all of them) and/or want to gift someone. I know you know someone who would enjoy one of my books. Please recommend my books to friends, colleagues and family! Word of mouth is how I keep this ship afloat!

Also, this is a friendly reminder to add your reviews! I cannot stress this enough – reviews help more than you know. Please have a look at our books and, if you would be so kind, leave your thoughts on them. It is much appreciated!

In other news, I’ve been getting back into art. I doodle a lot, both on my sketch pads and on my phone. Recently, I created some political (and not so political art) and shared it on Instagram. Much to my surprise, one of my posts was removed for violating Instagram’s puritanical rules.I’ll let you guess which one…

You should know by now that censoring anything just makes me wanna create more. So get ready for more “tasteless” art. It’s fun! 😀

A friend remarked in a lighthearted manner, “You just can’t behave on social media, can you?”

In a word? No! I cannot. I never have. Haha! Big surprise, huh? You can trace this back to my days of ditching pep rallies to cruise and skipping field trips to go to work instead. I don’t fit into stuffy academic lit anything any more than I do in corporate AmeriKKKa. And I think that translates well across what limited social media I have and in my books I’ve written and published. Non-conformist? You betcha.

Anyway, here’s a recent sampling of my artwork. Like I said, some of it is political and some is not. It’s not for everyone…I’m from the 90s, heheh, we weren’t so delicate as all the little PC fascist snowflakes these days. I try to create art that is at least thought-provoking and I love pushing boundaries. If you’re not gonna push boundaries with your art, why bother? Bootlicker art repulses me. Anyway, enjoy. I’d love to know your thoughts. And you can follow me on Instagram here. That’s where I post my art.

Click to enlarge. Enjoy!


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