Lowriting photographer Art Meza’s work featured in one of L.A.’s top restaurants

Art Meza at Guisados
Art Meza at Guisados

L.A. Weekly just named the 20 best restaurants in L.A. and Guisados (Boyle Heights, Echo Park) is on their list  at #11. This is significant because it just so happens that right now, L.A. photographer Art Meza, has his work featured at both Guisado’s locations.

Why is this a big deal? Several reasons. Firstly, Art is a great friend of mine and I’m ecstatic that his talent is being noticed by so many people, both in L.A. and abroad. I’m hoping this recent buzz from L.A. Weekly will send Guisados more business and in turn expose more people to Art’s work.

Secondly, Art’s photos are the prime subject matter of Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul. So not only can you see many of the photos from the book in person at Guisados but you can also buy them! How cool is that?

Art is selling copies of his prints as well as signed copies of Lowriting and you can also buy copies directly here and Amazon/B&N. Whatever you do, buy this book! It is a testament to both lowriding culture and Chicano soul and it is unlike anything ever printed in the mainstream literary world.

With any luck this press will help others find both Meza’s work and Lowriting, not to mention some amazing tacos. It would be very cool if LA Weekly reviewed Lowriting. 🙂

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– S|J|R

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