Help! Where do I find BSP books? A guide to navigating retail and bulk orders

It occurred to me, while unplugging myself and then re-plugging back into the matrix, that some of the stuff I take for granted about Broken Sword Publications might not be common knowledge, especially among new readers/fans. Of course, I’m talking about where to find BSP books and how to order them to suit your needs. There are many options available.

I’ve been in the publishing business, professionally, going on 10 years now and in that time I have learned many things about the business. I use what the “publish on demand” method for my business. Publish on demand, or POD, means that I do NOT print a bulk amount of books (unless it’s brand spanking new) and keep them on hand.

Instead, books are printed by my distributor, as they are ordered, and then shipped out by them. This happens for single book orders and bulk orders. This system has both pros and cons but it’s worked out pretty well for me so far.

Retail sales

For most people who just want to buy a copy of a book, I primarily send them to Amazon and Barnes and Noble – but mostly it’s Amazon. With Amazon, I’m able to host an “author page,” which has all of my books centralized and available for quick and easy purchase. Customers also receive the benefit of free shipping, in most cases, and that’s just something I cannot compete with as a small biz.

Here is my Amazon page, with all BSP books available for purchase. If you have purchased BSP books from Amazon, please consider leaving a small review! They help more than you probably realize!

I do have a store online, separate from Amazon, and sell books direct this way as well. When you order direct, the books come from the printer, unless I have them on hand., this is specified when you order. It takes a bit longer than Amazon and shipping is a bit more – I use Priority Mail or Media Mail. This is why I send people to Amazon first, in an effort to get you a cheaper price and quicker service, but I understand when people do not want to do business with Amazon.

Occasionally, I will have overstock or returns on hand and will sell them direct to you at a discount. When I do this the books will come signed and with stickers or a print. I also sell brand new books direct for a limited time, also signed. So keep an eye out for when I have these sales as they are rare.

Here is my store for direct sales.

Bulk Sales

As a publisher, I also sell books direct for bulk orders. I want your store/school to carry my books! Primarily, I will send you to Ingram for these orders. Chances are, as a book retailer, you already have an Ingram account to order books. This has several benefits!

For one, you get books at industry wholesale. This is a huge discount! Secondly, you are able to return all unsold books at my cost. Read that again – you are able to return unsold books to me on my dime.

That means there is zero risk to you carrying my books! With those kinds of benefits, why wouldn’t you want to carry them?

If you do not have an Ingram account and would still like to carry my books at your store, I can and will sell to you direct and at wholesale cost – often times at a greater discount! Unfortunately, you are not able to return them through this method – all sales are final.

It’s important to note, I do NOT do consignment sales. Nor do I do “Net 30” or any other method like that. I also refuse to pay any bookstore to carry my books. There’s a well-known and popular indie bookstore in L.A. that uses this method. I told them to go jump in a lake a while back. I’m a bona fide, professional publisher with books sold worldwide and taught in classrooms across the United States.

Word of Mouth

As I said, BSP books are available through Ingram Distribution. This means that you are able to request them virtually anywhere you shop for books. For instance, if you would like your local campus or store to stock them, you can tell them to order them through Ingram. It’s that easy. It also helps me with visibility! The same goes for any retail book store – try it!

You can also request that your local library order them! I highly recommend this method!

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of where and how to purchase BSP books. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a bulk order, let me know via the Contact page. I am happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and in case you haven’t done so yet, please like us on Facebook!