God hates Ducktown!

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God hates Ducktown! I’m kidding of course but both Ducktown author, Josh Divine, and myself have joked about the seeming conspiracy against this book. It’s as if the tome is cursed and we are set to endure the many plagues of Ducktown. As you know, it already rained ducks in Colorado, delaying the first book signing. Why hast Dorkiss forsaken us?

I wonder if it’s the cover, which depicts the characters of Ducktown in the fiery bowels of Hell. If we had shown them in Heaven would everything be on the up and up? Someone went so far as to ask if the book was X-rated after seeing the cover…to that, Josh and I both laughed…and then cried.

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The latest setback comes in the form of an on-line retail giant known as Amazon dot com. For whatever reason, Amazon has decided that getting a copy of Ducktown from them should be as difficult as possible. As of this morning, their estimated shipping time for purchasing this book from them is two-to-three-weeks! That is ridiculous!

Amazon hates Ducktown


Here’s the thing, I consider myself experienced in the publishing business now. This is not my first rodeo and for this to happen is way out of the ordinary considering the business model I employ is “print on demand.” What does that mean? It means that when you order a POD book, that book is printed Johnny-on-the-spot and then shipped out. Amazon keeps a small amount of stock on hand in their warehouses and then re-orders when necessary…supply and demand, right? Wrong. To ask someone to wait a month for a book is insanity and completely negates the POD business model.

If Barnes & Noble can have the book on hand and readily available why can’t Amazon? They both use the same distributor for the book, Ingram! I know for a fact that the book is available to both companies.

So, what’s going on then? Well, after several discussions with my distributor, Amazon, Amazon employees and industry insiders, I am still without a concrete answer. But! I do have my suspicions and one of them deals with Amazon muscling people into using their own POD service rather than using those of their affiliates. I.e., Amazon wants you to go through them for everything and cut out the middle man.

This is gangster shit…and not out of the ordinary for Amazon at all.

This also would never happen to major publishers so I am extra pissed off that it is happening to indies. Can you imagine Amazon telling you that you will have to wait a month for the new Stephen King book? Of course you can’t. That would never happen and if it did you would take your business elsewhere, namely to a business that is not going to jerk you around.

Which brings me to my next point: do NOT buy Josh Divine’s Ducktown from Amazon! At least not until I can get this problem fixed. As a publisher I do not want you to have to wait this long for one of my books!

In the meantime, bear with me and please purchase your copies from Barnes & Noble or other fine on-line retailers. I will have copies available for direct purchase soon and will update you when I do.

Thank you for your patience and your business.

– S|J|R

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