#FuckCancer needs your support


Making books is never easy and I always feel like I sacrifice some “life” in order to create one. Each book is different and I always pour myself into them completely, mind, body and soul. And always heart! I find that each book ages me a little bit. I look into the mirror when they’re done and I am worse for the wear. It is a labor of love.

The books are, for all intents and purposes, art. For this reason I refuse to do digital books. #FuckCancer The True Story of how Robert Flores Kicked Cancer’s Ass is now in the layout stage and I should be able to give you a peek at the cover soon! The cover photos were done by Art Meza aka Chicano Soul (Lowriting) and if you know anything about his work then you already know this cover is gonna kick ass. Art has eight photos in the book total.

This book also features a foreword by Gustavo Arellano (Taco USA, Bordertown) and is being designed by Josh Divine (Kid Robot Toys), who also designed Lowriting. Again, this book will be a work of art! I take my books seriously and this one is no different. I will be taking pre-orders soon so stay tuned. 😎

I am gonna need all the help I can get in getting the word out about #FuckCancer and that’s where you come in. It’s an important book and deserves to be read widely.I’m still doing this WITHOUT an agent or a publicist, and most in the press either ignore or flat out don’t dig me. Still, I endure.

If you’re a writer, journalist, blogger, avid reader etc. your help is appreciated! If you’re a librarian, bookstore owner, journalist, professor, teacher and you follow me and or dig what I do here, I’m counting on you to help with this book! Robert deserves to have his amazing story heard and will more than likely grant you an interview. I know I will.

We need diverse books. Here’s another chance for you to support one. #FuckCancer was independently created and without a single corporate string attached. This is true independent/underground publishing.

I will donate books to cancer wards for patients to read. If you have those kinds of connections let me know. That’s the whole point of the book…support those who support you and let’s all help kick Cancer’s ass!

That’s my rant for the day. TL/DR: Don’t sleep, help out! Thanks! 😀 In the meantime tell anyone you know to #FuckCancer!

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